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Redistributing Art Collections With the experts at Claggett/Rey Gallery

For over 30 years, Claggett/Rey gallery has represented some of the finest artists in North America, and these days, it’s also specializing in estate art consultations. As many younger people opt for smaller homes and simpler lifestyles, they’ve been showing less interest in inheriting “stuff,” even if it is valuable fine art. “The kids and grandkids don’t want the burden of things, especially if they have no emotional connection to them,” says Claggett/Rey Gallery owner Bill Rey, who literally grew up in the fine art business. He says that in the next couple of decades, volumes of art will be “heirlooms without heirs” throughout the world. Meanwhile, many collectors haven’t made plans for their fine art to find a new home once they’re gone — or when they decide to downsize. “The art and the collections are so personal to them — they really are their visual diary so they are […]



Vilar Performing Arts Center reinvents its season After more than 30 years living loud and rowdy at the center of the jam band scene, Leftover Salmon’s tour plans went dark — along with every other band, artist and music lover — when the pandemic hit in March. As businesses shut down and people socially isolated, Leftover Salmon, like many other bands, streamed concerts online. And, while singer, songwriter and guitarist Vince Herman enjoyed maintaining his connection with fans, he had to get out of the box — literally. “Art brings people together. You put your differences aside. You’re laughing and crying at the same point. It shows the human side of people.” “I was definitely trying to reinvent myself in the way of streaming things at the beginning of the pandemic, with Zoom shows and meetings,” Herman says. “But I was the only face I was interacting with. I had […]

Chef Profile, DINING


That’s So Classic! Brian Ackerman of Splendido at the Chateau elevates the classics but keeps them fun Brian Ackerman’s childhood didn’t exactly scream “destined to become a culinary powerhouse.” As it happened, he got lost in an unexpected adventure. “It was one of those homes where Monday was spaghetti, Tuesday was lasagna —just all-American stuff,” says the chef-owner of Splendido at the Chateau in Beaver Creek, one of the best fine-dining experiences in the valley. Certainly one of the most consistent. But he didn’t grow up cooking or thinking much about it. After graduating from high school he headed off to the University of Missouri — Mizzou — where he dutifully began pursuing a business degree, and took a job in a restaurant. Sometimes it’s those little decisions that end up being so consequential.  The ball just started rolling, one restaurant leading to the next, then the Culinary Institute of […]

ACTIVITIES, Summer Activites


photography by brent bingham Anyone who has ever ventured on a hike, be it a flat trail or a 14er, has experienced the instant feeling of peace and contentment that takes hold. Even on the most stressful day, nature’s chorus has a way of taking over. And that might be the best part of hiking: allowing nature to sing. In fact, a Stanford University study found that time spent in nature calms the portion of the brain that reduces your mind’s tendency toward negative thought patterns. That outdoor exercise — particularly hiking — has a direct correlation to a greater feeling of positivity and energy. Buddhist monk Ryojun Shionuma scaled Japan’s Mt. Omine (5,640 feet), almost 30 miles round-trip, every day for 30 consecutive days for nine consecutive years. He completed the journey 1,000 times in an ancient ritual that promised pain, suffering and, if completed, enlightenment. His incredible feat, […]



Legacy ranch has an environmentally intuitive aesthetic that showcases the stunning backdrop By Kathy Filgo, Photos courtesy RKD architects Native Americans had been stewards of the land in what is now the United States of America for about 15,000 years before the American pioneers hit the westward trail in the 1700s. But it wasn’t until after the War of 1812 that a vast migration to a new life in the western territories really took hold. One could not ask for a more compelling environment in which to commune with nature and bring peace to the mind and heart. There were a lot of reasons the pioneers braved the challenges of the journey to seek their destinies in the Wild West: They were pursuing gold and silver; escaping overcrowding, rules and discrimination; looking for employment and business opportunities; craving space to plant crops and raise livestock; and some were simply looking […]



Virtual event to celebrate Dr. Eck on Sept. 19 & 20 Vail, CO (Aug. 21, 2020) ― While COVID-19 may be impacting the ability to gather together, Vail Health is celebrating the spirit of togetherness by taking its annual Hike, Wine & Dine event virtual, allowing people to participate wherever they might be located. On Saturday, September 19 and Sunday, September 20, participants are encouraged to hike on their own and share their experience with the event group through the Strava Club, as well as on Facebook and Instagram. The virtual Hike, Wine & Dine event will honor Dr. Jack Eck’s contributions to the community. Dr. Eck will retire from the Vail Health Foundation in December.  A  portion of the funds raised from this year’s virtual Hike, Wine & Dine will be used to keep Jack’s Place open on weekends during the winter. All proceeds benefit Jack’s Place and Shaw Cancer Center, […]



We each look at a piece of art differently. Some are attracted to the subject matter, others the colors. While some wonder what the artists were thinking as they worked on the piece. The bottom line is that it really doesn’t matter. The viewer simply likes the work. Outwardly, there’s no rhyme or reason. However, inwardly, the viewer was moved, attracted in some unspoken way. And that’s exactly how gallery owners choose an artist: They are moved by what they see.  At the same time, it’s important for artists who seek representation to do the research to see if a gallery is a good match for their work. Gallery owners have clear interests and aesthetics. They represent creative visions no matter what the genre. And, once committed, galleries are willing to support their artists in every way.  “It’s pretty evident to me when an artist has something to say,” remarks Marc […]



An artist and creative thinker, Dan Telleen’s wearable artwork is dynamic and thought-provoking. Fifty years ago, dan telleen introduced his bold, organic jewelry to Vail. Since then, he has developed a unique style and strong following. Known for his custom designs, his impeccable craftsmanship  and his one-of-a-kind way of linking people with time, history and their common humanity, Telleen incorporates such things as ancient coins, fossils, arrowheads, meteorites and even sand into his pieces. After college, Telleen taught elementary school art in Michigan and spent summers selling his art in Colorado, his jewelry always selling best. Initially, he concentrated on ceramics in art school and, for that reason,  treats the wax like clay, allowing designs to emerge “I try to find out what my materials can do and then use the spontaneity of the materials to create the jewelry,” Telleen shares.   For example, as Telleen works with the shape of a meteorite, he […]

STYLE, Wedding


It’s summertime in the Vail Valley. Every day brings some new opportunity to appreciate this stunning setting from a blazing sunrise to the rainbows that pop up after an afternoon shower. It’s no wonder that so many couples choose to tie the knot in this idyllic location, whether it’s a local couple, former residents or long-time visitors. Each ceremony is unique, ranging from over-the-top opulence to intimate elegance but no matter what the theme, many couples are choosing to embrace the alpine atmosphere with an outdoor wedding. Incorporating the outdoors is easy when you take the party outside and there are a wide range of opportunities in the Vail Valley. From mountaintop nuptials to under canvas celebrations, colorful Colorado sets the scene in these incredible outdoor weddings. Not Your Typical Tipi Wedding Planner: Joette Gilbert, Gatherings The early families that settled in the Vail Valley, the farmers and ranchers, realized the […]



We might be landlocked here in the Rockies, but but all rivers lead to the ocean, and seafood and fish are abundant on local menus. Whether they’re plucked from nearby waters or rushed to our valley from afar, the piscine options are bountiful —and the perfect choice for summer. When our days are bright and warm, it’s a delight to sink into one of these pristine offerings. Photography by Brent Bingham RUSSELL’S Though Russell’s might be known as the best steakhouse in Vail, the Alaskan King Crab legs are the ultimate in decadence.Steamed to succulent perfection, they need no embellishment beyond drawn butter, some lemon and a bit of greenery. Though the view of Gore Creek out the wall of windows is a nice accompaniment. PEPI’S Too pretty to eat? Perhaps, but don’t let that stop you. The Pepi’s Tuna Crudo makes a nice foil for the citrus segments and lemon vinaigrette. Sliced cucumbers and shaved fennel slaw bring crunch, and creamy […]



Kristof Kosmowski’s artwork explores a world of mystery and excitement Kristof Kosmowski and his artistic wife, Noemi, grew up under communist rule in Poland, which Noemi describes as “a really sad … grey nation.” These days, Kristof’s abstract landscapes, full of rich colors, texture and emotional energy, show no signs of his original homeland’s despair — but they do include its masterful European traditions. Kosmowski earned his graduate degree in graphic design at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts in 1982. As a commercial graphic designer, he designed movie posters for studios and stamps depicting various sports for the Polish Postal Service. He trained at the Escola Massana Centre d’Art in Barcelona, and by the time he was 25, his vivid sports portrayals led to 25 one-man shows in Poland, Germany and Finland. In 1984, the Kosmowskis escaped from Poland to Germany with their two toddlers. They had always intended to […]



From the bubbling rapids of the eagle river to the dips and eddies of the colorado, the rivers, streams and lakes of eagle county offer themselves to sportsmen, adventurers, conservationists and more. by Krista Driscoll and Katie Coakley – photography by Brent Bingham The put-in is alive with excitement. Commercial vans and buses jockey for position to lower stacks of rafts to the water, alternating turns up and down the boat ramp with trucks hauling kayaks and SUVs towing drift boats. People mill about in various states of river dress, lifejacket buckles flopping unceremoniously as they wave their arms to provide traffic control to the many vehicles.“It’s like organized chaos,” says Miranda Hicks, with Timberline Tours, a local river guiding company. “Making sure guests know how to get themselves ready, where they can stand to watch us put boats in the water and get gear ready for them. “But if you go to each guide, we are very […]

Chef Profile, DINING


Chef Wade Eybel talks food, family and the mountain lifestyle By Krista Driscoll, Photography by Brent Bingham If you want some insight into Wade Eybel, the Park Hyatt Beaver Creek executive chef, look at his burger. It starts with Colorado Meat Co. grassfed, naturally raised beef, sourced within a 100-mile radius of Avon. The pork belly bacon comes from pigs raised by a man named Tom Walsh in Meeker, and the lettuce from Robert Anthony’s Buttercrunch Farm in Eagle.  Stacked with aged white cheddar, crispy onion fritz and special sauce on a house-made brioche bun, this is The Local Burger. It smacks of the mountains and provides a lens for viewing Chef Eybel’s culinary vision: wood-fired, noseto- tail Colorado cuisine.  “It’s a heck of a lot cheaper for me to buy lettuce from the Central Valley of California or pigs from Iowa or beef from Nebraska,” he says, “but it’s […]



Photography by Brent Bingham A celebration is defined as “the action of marking one’s pleasure at an important event or occasion by engaging in enjoyable, typically social, activity.” Take the “action,” pair it with a glass of bubbly, give a gift of jewelry and let the celebration begin! For jewelry helps to celebrate love and give voice to our experiences. Just the word “baubles” makes us smile. And then, of course, there’s bangles and beads. In essence, every piece of jewelry is a story of love — be it a wedding, a birthday, or “just because.” The simple act of giving or receiving a piece of jewelry brings joy and a time celebrate and to remember — always.   18K white gold ruby and diamond half domed earrings available at Betteridge 18K gold necklace with rhodolite garnets, diamonds and other multi-colored stones by Bellarri available at Lamina RIGHT HAND: 18K rose […]



Photography by Brent Bingham If you were to look in a dictionary for the explanation of the word “home,” you would find many definitions. “A place of residence.” “The place in which one’s domestic affections are centered.” “The place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household.” However, for most, those definitions are simply not adequate. The definition of a home goes far beyond the structure itself, for a home is built by the bond of family.   And it’s that family bond that consistently draws world-class skier Mikaela Shiffrin back home. It’s the place where, no matter what Shiffrin might be going through, no matter how challenging her life gets, she will always have her family looking out for her at home. Her sanctuary.   So it’s no surprise that, when Shiffrin was ready to buy her first home, she made sure there would be room […]



This timeless home on Vail’s Beaver Dam Road exudes Old World charm Photography by Brent Bingham and Ric Stovall It’s a home with a story that began less than three decades ago but has now entwined its way around multiple generations and continues to unfold through present and soon-tobe new owners.   The tale begins in the Tyrolean and Swiss Alps and then winds its way to Vail, in a storybook European home in an idyllic mountain setting at the foot of Vail Mountain. Here the tale turns enchanting indeed as captivating paintings lead through room after excellently-crafted room, each depicting a new chapter in the original owners’ lives, while enlivening rooms already resplendent with rich color, Old World charm, grace and beauty. Like the storyboards that helped define them, the home is now ready to weave new tales of life.   The home was originally built in 1991 by a couple […]



The man whose name adorns a dozen or so natural landmarks had a large appetite or excess and the money to fuel it . The rugged mountain range that can be seen from almost anywhere in Vail and beyond has drawn people to this valley for generations. The only word that really describes it is “majestic.” From certain angles, under certain light, it could be the backdrop of a movie. It’s called the Gore Range and how it got its name has always been a mystery.  We have the Gore Range, Gore Creek, Gore Lake, Gore Mountain, Gore Wilderness, Gore Pass, Gore Canyon, Gore Trail — all named after an Irish nobleman who came to the American West in the mid-1800s to hunt game. However, Sir St. George Gore never reached any of the places.  Sporting the title of “Eighth Baronet of Manor Gore” in Ireland, George Gore enjoyed a […]



THE BEST RUNS FOR YOUR MIXED GROUP Navigating ski resorts like Vail and Beaver Creek can be a bit tricky when you’re with a group. Honestly, navigating just about everything (including dinner) can be tricky with a group but finding options to suit a range of skiers and riders on the slopes doesn’t have to be a deal-breaker. Nor does it mean waving goodbye to each other only to reconnoiter for lunch or apr.s. Whether you’re enjoying a day at Vail or Beaver Creek, here are some great runs for mixed-level groups to enjoy together.   VAIL   Now that you’ve navigated Beaver Creek, you’re up for the Vail challenge. With 195 runs and 5,289 skiable acres, there are plenty of areas to choose from. When skiing with a group of varying abilities, Chair 7 should be your first destination.   Chair 7 (technically the Game Creek Express Lift) accesses a playground for almost […]

Culture in the Vail Valley


The Vilar Performing Arts Center’s winter dance sries is all about connection: with the art form as well as with one another By Caramie Petrowsky Dance is a living, breathing art form: nurture it, love it, support it and it will grow. As such, the future of dance depends on people — especially the younger generation — experiencing it and subsequently falling in love.  Over the years, the Vail Valley Foundation has kept this courtship alive by spotlighting dancers of all types year round, hosting the renowned Vail Dance Festival every summer and a winter dance series at the Vilar Performing Arts Center (VPAC).   “There are so many things competing for young people’s attention these days,” says Sarah Johnson, the senior vice president of the arts and education at the Vail Valley Foundation. “However, few of them are as rewarding over the long term, few of them are as enriching […]



Photography by Brent Bingham Local pastry chefs produce the sweet creations that feed their cravings. From airy macarons in ethereal colors to dark, sexy chocolate with a comehither wink, sugar has its own revered place at the table. “When you go out to dinner, you remember what you ate first, and you remember what you ate last,” says Brian Ackerman, chef-owner of Splendido at the Chateau. “Having a good pastry chef is really important.” Whether they’re building architectural structures of butter and sugar or churning sweet cream into silky gelato, pastry chefs are playful no matter how seriously they take their sweets. And though baking demands scientific precision and attention to detail, it’s an art form that encourages flights of fancy. Here, some of our best local pastry chefs reveal the cakes and tarts that inhabit their souls — the stuff of dreams. Maxine Caprioni – Hovey & Harrison Instagram: […]



Head out and discover the magical world of snowshoeing by moonlight By Katie Coakley Photograph by Brent Bingham It was blissfully quiet as I gathered up my pack, strapped on my snowshoes and made my way to the trailhead. A group of five women were waiting; with minimal conversation we turned on our headlamps and tromped onto the trail. It wasn’t long before our headlamps were switched off: The full moon cast enough light to suffuse our surroundings with a blueish glow. Though the snow gathered in pillow-like humps in some areas, there was a faint crunching that set a cadence as we walked.  There was little conversation until we stopped for a break, to regroup and sip hot beverages from our packs. The silence wasn’t imposed; it was simply a response to the almost ethereal nature of our surroundings. But laughter floated over the snow as various threads of […]



THE LAST WEEK OF THE SKI SEASON IS FULL OF MUSIC, COSTUMES, REVELRY — AND POND SKIMMING In those halcyon days of spring, there’s a unique feeling emanating from folks on the mountain. It’s a mix of joy and wistfulness, a desire to soak every last sensation out of the season while reveling in the memories of unforgettable skiing. It’s celebration and commemoration, all wrapped into a few fervent days.  The Vail Valley knows how to say farewell to the lift-served season in style. Accentuating the joy of sun-filled days and spring snow, the week (plus) of live music, contests and activities of Spring Back to Vail celebrates the end of the season. Add to that the costumed chicanery of closing day and inimitable exuberance of “one last run,” there’s no better place to say sayonara to ski season.  THERE’S NO BETTER TO TIME TO SPRING BACK…TO VAIL  After the […]


Once Upon a Home

It’s a home with a story that began less than three decades ago but has now entwined its way around multiple generations and continues to unfold through present and soon-tobe new owners. The tale begins in the Tyrolean and Swiss Alps and then winds its way to Vail, in a storybook European home in an idyllic mountain setting at the foot of Vail Mountain. Here the tale turns enchanting indeed as captivating paintings lead through room after excellently-crafted room, each depicting a new chapter in the original owners’ lives, while enlivening rooms already resplendent with rich color, Old World charm, grace and beauty. Like the storyboards that helped define them, the home is now ready to weave new tales of life. The home was originally built in 1991 by a couple with Swiss heritage, who loved all things European — particularly the charm of alpine chalets, the beauty of Renaissance […]


Colorado River Ranch

Contrary to popular belief, no one tames the Wild West we can only learn to live in harmony with Mother Nature as she graes us with her bounty, entrances us with her beauty and humbles us with her power. The early homesteaders were seeking to do just that — some succeeded, many failed. But the pioneering spirit that drove those first ranchers and farmers is still alive and thriving in today’s Colorado Rocky Mountains. For many modern ranchers in Eagle County this has been a way of life for generations. They have followed their roots in the grueling lifestyle of true ranchers and real cowboys who made these rugged mountains a place to call home. Some of the newcomers to the ranching community are the “gentlemen farmers” who are only seeking a brief escape from the hustle and bustle of the city for a momentary step back in time, complete […]

Featured Stories

Love on the mountain

We’ve always relied on horses. Now it’s their turn to count on us. And that’s what Mountain Valley Horse Rescue (MVHR) is all about. It’s a place that lets kids and adults love on horses, helping bring them back to life. And it seems, once someone sets foot onto this expansive property, sees the abused and abandoned horses and subsequently falls in love with them, they have a hard time leaving, and will come back time and again. It’s horse country, for sure: wide-open spaces and snow-capped mountains surround the vast expanse of land where horses roam. What makes this place so special, however, is that horses come here to heal. It’s an idyllic piece of property nestled near the Flat Tops north of Wolcott in McCoy. It is truly a spacious piece of paradise for the horses. In 2004 two horses were abandoned in the nearby Flat Tops; they […]


Lindsay Vonn

There’s never a dull moment in Lindsey Vonn’s life. Her home is always buzzing with activity. On this day, she’s rushing in from dropping off a friend at the Eagle Airport and now she must prepare for a photoshoot and interview. Her dogs Lucy, Leo and Bear are running through the house jumping and barking, excited to see their owner and anyone else who walks through the door — always on the ready to joyfully pounce on newcomers. Her sister, Laura, is unpacking groceries in the kitchen and her brother-in-law, Paulo, is preparing a meatloaf of ground beef and sausage while her mom, Lindy, stirs up a corn soufflé — an old family recipe, she says. And old friend, ski-racer Claire Brown, is here too, helping to keep Vonn organized. The constant hubbub is par for the course in the life of this extraordinary champion. It’s been an eventful and […]

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The word “rainbow” can be a bit overwhelming, but many of this year’s festive jewelry collections, which are beaming with colored stones mixed, at times, with gold are meant to intrigue the most savvy collector. Cuff gold bracelets are still-and will always be hot. There are luscious solo chains. Bold mixes of all sorts of gems: watermelon tourmaline, rough ruby,  Mexican fire opal, topaz, amethyst, the list goes on. Designs are, at once, funky, bohemian and sophisticated. One of this year’s trend is a mashup of delicate chains, some short with longer chains hanging down. Or you can get on board by showing off a handful of finger jewelry-adding to your existing pinky ring. As is said, “Jewelry is like ice cream, there’s always room for more.”

Featured Stories, LOCAL CHARACTERS


Mother-daughter relationships can be diverse and complex yet one of the most significant, as well. They can also be the trickiest to manage. While some mothers are best friends, others see each other once or twice a year. Some face their conflicts; others avoid it at all costs. And still others spar regularly.Like any relationship, it’s a balancing act—at once challenging and rewarding. Yet, in the end, powerful. If Vail ski patroller, Teri Seibert, had her way, all of her kids would work on the mountain. “It’s the best soul satisfaction,” she says. “You’re out skiing and you’re helping people. Everyone I work with has the same outlook. It goes into that emergency kind of lifestyle”Teri moved to Vail in 1979 and wanted to be a ski patroller. “When I began, there were four women on ski patrol,” recalls Teri. “It was me, Julie Young, Janet Testwuide and Dee Hoskins. […]

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So, it’s not a surprise that some home grown athletes, as well as those who came to Vail to train—essentially “newbies” represented the United States in the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea. It was their once-in-a-lifetime chance to cap off years of training—and they did not let us down! In addition to Vonn and Shiffrin, four others, including Tess Johnson, Meghan Tierney, Jake Pates and Thomas Walsh hailed from Eagle County. They were part of the 2,952 athletes, from 92 different countries, who competed in 102 events across 15 different sports over 16 days. Team USA hailed from 31 states, with Colorado sending 31 contenders. Two-time Olympic gold medalist and World Cup alpine skier, Shiffrin, who was born in Vail, began her training on these mountains at an early age, taking tips from her parents, Eileen and Jeff who had been ski racers in high school and college. […]



Captain Jack Eck’s circuitous road to Vail helped create a diverse skill set for the community’s most beloved doctor Photography by Brent Bingham Eck was not an ordinary doctor.  He always wanted more. More for his patients. More for the town. And more for the hospital that was eventually built in Vail. Say the name Jack Eck in our town and you’ll always get the same reaction: a caring man, a gentle man. It’s a well-deserved reputation.  Ask anyone.  Dr. Jack Eck is truly a man for all seasons. Eck’s renown is derived from his warmth and the unassuming way in which he interacts with everyone. His humble beginnings were in the coal region in Pennsylvania’s Susquehanna River Valley; he was the first generation of his family not to work in the mines. And over the years Eck has experienced a life that he never, ever thought possible. From growing up in a region […]