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Kim Fuller | Activities | February 17, 2020

By Kim Fuller Photography by Brent Bingham More than three decades after Vail Mountain opened for skiing, Vail Ski Resort founder Pete Siebert envisioned bringing more European hospitality to the mountain. So in 1996 the Game Creek Chalet was built — an alpine cabin that sits on the side of Game Creek Bowl at 10,300 […]

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Kim Fuller | Activities | July 14, 2019

Like most of her fellow mountain bike enthusiasts who live in Eagle, Laura Turitz’s trailhead is her garage. “There are so many things about Eagle that are ideal for mountain biking, including accessibility, variety of terrain, and really fun trails,” shares Turitz, co-writer of Mountain Bike Eagle, a printed and online guide to riding in […]

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Katie Coakley | Activities | July 12, 2019

Summer is fleeting in the High Country. No sooner does the snow melt than it seems as if we’re expecting the first snow of the season. However, between the cooler seasons, spring and summer provide enough life and color to help mitigate their fleeting nature. One of the best ways to soak up the summer […]

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Brenda Himelfarb | Activities |

Who doesn’t like a county fair? As someone once put it, “County fairs are opportunities to bring in those handsome Holsteins competing for Best Bessie, to sample food that don’t normally belong on sticks and definitely shouldn’t be deep-fried and to enjoy carnival rides and games with unfavorable odds.” Wealthy New England farmer and businessman […]

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Davin Scott | Activities |

Whether you “do” lunch, hike, bike, or just schmooze over an after-work- cocktail — getting together with someone you know or complete strangers is a good thing! According to Judah Pollack and Olivia Fox Cabane, coauthors of The Net and the Butterfly: The Art and Practice of Breakthrough Thinking, your brain doesn’t care if you’re […]

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Brenda Himelfarb | Activities | December 10, 2018

Let’s just put it this way: A Timbersled is a conversion kit that turns a dirtbike into a lean, clean, snow-loving machine. It allows anyone with a passion for exploring the great outdoors to power  hrough powder to parts unknown. It’s not meant to replace a snowmobile, especially if you want to cover long distances but […]

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Katie Coakley | Activities |

On a bluebird, powder morning, one of the most popular descents on Vail Mountain is not found on any of the trail maps- it’s not within the boundaries of the resort. But this iconic trail will see thousands of skiers and snowboarders each season, many of whol set off with nothing but a friend to […]

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Author | Activities , Dining , Golf | July 2, 2018

After a robust day of skiing the steep and deep, challenging those double-black diamonds in powder up to your waist, it’s time to relax and savor a much deserved cocktail in the crisp mountain air–it’s après ski time! Oops–no, wait a minute–wrong season. OK, let’s begin again. It’s summer: birds are chirping, the grass is […]

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Author | Activities , Activities , Blog |

On any given day on Vail’s pickleball courts, it’s not unusual to come across either a longtime local celebrity or a 12-year old on vacation with his family. There are international tourists. There are former tennis pros. Some players are in their 20s, some in their 80s. They have all discovered a common ground – […]

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Author | Activities , Activities , Blog |

Mountain biking has gone from a fringe sport back in the late 1970s with jerry rigged bikes and puffy tires to a favorite past time for almost anyone wanting to get a little outdoor adventure. Take a look at some of the trails: they are shared with spandex-clad pros, groups of pals out for a […]

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