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Adventure Ridge – No Holds Bar for Family Fun

It’s been along time since I have been on the top of Vail Mountain in the summer. And this time it was with my family. My wife and our three boys were excited about our latest adventure. It was another perfect Colorado afternoon. Just the right temperature with blue skies and a few white puffy clouds to provide just the right amount of shade from the warm sun.

Our fun began at the Lionshead parking structure where we checked out the skate park. The boys wished they had brought their skateboards and scooters. But they hadn’t this time so we headed into Lionshead.


Riding the gondola with three boys ages 6, 10 and 11 is an exciting experience. We saw wildlife and plenty of mountain bikers.

Gore-RangeDon’t forget about the Gore Range as it was truly magnificent. They could see for miles and the questions about the surrounding area didn’t end. It took about 11 minutes to get to the top. Once we reached the top, the boys sprinted out of the gondola car and headed to the fun…Adventure Ridge here we come.



We turned the corner and saw the climbing wall and the trampolines. The excitement was brewing.


As we walked towards the checkin building we walked past the Walking Mountains Science Center. This was a cool yurt that had fun facts about local wildlife. It was an enjoyable start to our exciting day.


Our view was spectacular. We were able to see most of the fun activities such as the three ropes courses, two zip lines and the new summer tubing hill. We also saw the jeeps coming and going. We didn’t do the jeep tour this time but we heard people talking about the beautiful ride around the mountain.



We went inside to sign up for our activities. The youngest wanted to zipline and tube and he went running. The zipline was perfect for a 6 year old. He was flying and zipping across the mountain.


After his first try he ran back in line and they let him do it again. He was excited.

RopesCourseInstructionNow the two older boys chose the ropes course as their first activity. There are three levels on the zipline course. Green, Blue and Black. Just like ski runs. The guides were very thorough with their instructions as you could tell that safety was their primary concern.

TopRopesCourse RopesCourse6 RopesCourse5 RopesCourse2

The boys were on the course for about an hour and between the two of them they maneuvered around the green, blue and even the black obstacles. They felt safe but also were excited to be so high up only being tethered to the ropes by their harnesses. It was “Awesome” according to the kids.


The oldest chose to do the big zipline. This was over 1200 feet long and what a view. He was very hesitant but eager in the same breath. We watched three people zip down. They were having fun so he was ready to go.

Ready…Set…Go…It was his turn and we all cheered him on. He said it was Epic! He had so much fun.

Tubing-Hill Tubing Tubing2

The other two boys jumped on a tube and off they went. “Fast”, “Awesome”, “I got this” said the little one and I got the gist. They tubed three times and it was time to call it a day.

On our way back to the gondola the boys noticed an alpine coaster. We asked about it and Adventure Ridge is going to have an alpine coaster opening in the Summer of 2016. Another reason to come back.

It was time to go down the gondola and walk around Vail to grab some dinner. Off to our next adventure. Thanks Vail! Adventure Ridge was Awesome.