All that Glitters is {not always} gold

On the slopes… it doesn’t matter what you choose. This year’s ski jacket will have you stylin’ before you can even zip it closed. The colors are hot, the embellishments even hotter.

And when the sun goes down –
pull out all the stops and don any number of gorgeous jewels to make a statement.
You’ll shine with whatever you wear.

{Feminine Luxury}

Bogner Lady Daya hand-embroidered down jacket with Swarovski crystals; Bogner Lady Alara pink t-neck layer with Swarovski crystal detailing; Bogner zebra print Lady Franzi ski pants all available at Pepi Sports; pink fox fur headband from Fantasia Furs

Top Left: Rose-cut pink sapphire and diamond earrings in 18k gold from Squash Blossom; Middle Left: multicolored tourmaline necklace with 20k yellow gold beads and clasp, and 18k yellow gold chain from J.Cotter Gallery; Middle Right: gold-plated hammered necklace from J.Cotter Gallery; Top Right: 18k rose-and-white gold ring set with pink coral over mother of pearl and diamonds from The Hughes Collection; Right Center: one-of-a-kind oxidized sterling silver, 22k and 24k gold cuff bracelet with pink tourmaline and diamonds from Squash Blossom; Bottom Right: pink sapphire and diamond earrings in 18k gold from Squash Blossom.

{Worldly Elegance}
Embroidered belted jacket with fur hood from Pinecones; black bomber hat by Pistil available at Valbruna; Bogner Emilia soft shell pant from Pepi Sports

Bottom Left: Sterling silver doublet diamond earrings with rutilated quartz over mother of pearl from Lamina; Center Left: one-of-a-kind steel and 18k rose gold falcon’s eye ring with diamonds from Squash Blossom; Center: three-strand smoky quartz necklace with a sterling silver pendant wrapped around fossil algae from Bogece; Top Center:  farm-raised alligator cuff with labradorite center from Asian Village; Top Right: green multitwist necklace made of 22k gold, emerald and agate beads from Karats; Bottom Right: African black wood beaded necklace with large emerald from Bogece.

Bottom Left: Turquoise, chrysocolla, chrysoprase and topaz necklace in sterling silver from By Nature Gallery; Bottom Center: 22k gold vermeil and blue chalcedony earrings from The Hughes Collection; Bottom Right: “treasure necklace” made of sterling silver, antique carved face, and blue-green beads from Karats; Third from Bottom: aquamarine beads, strung on silk from J.Cotter Gallery; Center: large turquoise gumball necklace made of 18k gold and large turquoise beads from Karats; Second from Top: turquoise bracelet with sterling silver bear from The Golden Bear; Top Right: chalcedony and sterling silver necklace from Asian Village; Top Left: sterling silver and gemstone bangles from By Nature Gallery

{Take Flight in Teal}

Skea Bali jacket in blue komodo and silver cargo pant from Sols; Green Poc Lobes goggles from Eyepieces

Top Left: Purple crystal earrings from Portofino Jewelry; Left Center: oxidized sterling silver hinged cuff with multicolored sapphires from Cogswell Gallery; Left Bottom: 18k gold pendant with diamonds and multiple precious stones on a 14k gold chain from Lamina; Through the Center: 10 strands of magnificent multicolored sapphires from Bogece; Lower Center: 14k gold Victorian amethyst and diamond cross from Michele’s; Middle Center: 14k gold Victorian amethyst ring from Michele’s; Top Center: citrine-and-diamond 18k gold ring from Lamina; Right: handcrafted Navajo necklace with spiney oyster shell, turquoise and sterling silver
from Pinecones

{High Spirited Brights}

Toni Sailer Sophie Fur jacket in amber light from Pepi Sports; Black Bogner Emilia soft shell stretch pants from Pepi sports; hand painted deerskin and shearling boots with recycled tire soles available at Vail Boot and Shoe

{Àpres on Fire!}

Bottom: 14k yellow gold-and-black mother of pearl necklace available at The Hughes Collection; Bottom Left: hand carved and hand painted lucite earrings paired with Swarovski crystals and labradorite available at Cogswell Gallery; Second from Bottom: carved bone necklace with African glass and carnelian beads from Asian Village; Third from Bottom:  handmade necklace with coral and painted African bone beads from Portofino Jewelry; Center: three-strand necklace of red Czech crystal and black onyx with Tibetan silver from Asian Village; Top Necklace: agate and citrine from Asian Village; Top Center: hammered sterling silver and 14k gold cuff from Golden Bear; Top Right: assorted 24k gold and sterling silver bangles from Squash Blossom

(Model Left) Lole quilted down coat from Ptarmigan Sports; black fox fur headband from Fantasia Furs; black Bogner Emilia stretch pants
(On Both Models) available at Pepi Sports; (Model Right) Parajumpers Denali parka with fur hood and striped scarf by Pistil from Valbruna; Poc Lobes goggles from Eyepieces.