Amarula Instalation of Ice Elephant Sculpture

 In partnership with WildlifeDirect, Amarula is activating its ‘Don’t Let Them Disappear’ campaign on World Elephant Day (Sunday, August 12)

On World Elephant Day, August 12, the installation will be unveiled at 9:00AM at Toronto’s Distillery District on Trinity Street/Case Goods Lane. Brand ambassadors will educate the public on the elephant cause from 12:00PM-4:00PM.

Amarula is installing a 9,344 kg ice elephant sculpture to illustrate that, like the icebergs, the elephant population is melting. Their aim is to save the African elephant from being killed for its ivory. At this rate, elephants will disappear from existence within 20 years. Confirmed attendance by local activist group Global March for Elephants and Rhinos in Toronto, the community, and various stakeholders to visit the elephant.

Amarula, in partnership with WildlifeDirect, continues work to protect one of Africa’s most precious animals, the African elephant

TORONTO, July 31, 2018 /CNW/ – Amarula, the best-selling South African cream liqueur, announced today the start of their awareness and fundraising campaign in Canada to save the African elephant. In partnership with the renowned conservation group, WildlifeDirect, Amarula will be launching the 2018 “Don’t Let Them Disappear” campaign in various countries globally, including South Africa, the United States, Brazil and Germany. The campaign aims to raise awareness in protecting the world’s declining African elephant population.

To kick off the “Don’t Let Them Disappear” campaign across Canada, Amarula is hosting a visually-arresting event in Toronto’s Distillery District on August 12th, World Elephant Day, an international annual event that is dedicated to raising awareness about the preservation and protection of elephants.

Giant Melting Ice Elephant Unveiled
A life-sized ice sculpture of an African elephant will be placed in the summer heat of Toronto to illustrate the rapid loss of the African elephant population. The Amarula Elephant will be on display at the Distillery District starting at 9:00am and will remain on-site until it has completely melted. The life-like sculpture will consist of roughly 103 blocks of ice, weighing an estimated 9,344 kilograms. Over the course of the day, this massive ice sculpture will gradually melt, symbolizing the alarming rate at which African elephants are being killed for their ivory.

Retweet To Help Make Sure Elephants Don’t Disappear
Starting August 6, the @AmarulaElephant Twitter account and hashtag, #AmarulaTrust, will be launched, giving a voice to the elephant ice sculpture, who will share its story in real-time, spreading the word about the disappearance of its brothers and sisters in Africa – before itself disappearing. With the help of Canadians, Amarula Canada will be donating $1 for each of the first 10,000 retweets on World Elephant Day, to the Amarula Trust’s impactful global conservation efforts, in partnership with WildlifeDirect.

“We are thrilled to activate the ‘Don’t Let Them Disappear’ campaign in the Canadian market for Amarula as part of our global initiative,” said Brenda Wylie, Country Manager, Canada, Distell Limited Group. “Amarula has been committed to elephant conservation since 2002, through our non-profit organization, the Amarula Trust. We believe that collectively we can make a difference to stop illegal poaching of elephants.”

Dr. Paula Kahumbu, a foremost authority on African elephants and CEO of WildlifeDirect, said: “What many people don’t realize is that the future of the African elephant is at a tipping point and even though this is taking place in Africa, it is very much a global issue. We need help in spreading the word about the plight of our elephants and making sure that they don’t disappear.”

The Amarula Trust Continues Conservation Efforts
The elephant is more than a brand icon. Amarula shares a special bond with these magnificent creatures, as the Marula tree and its fruit contribute enormously to the well-being of the elephant and the very existence of Amarula. Without this natural heritage, Amarula would not be able to distill the liquor which forms the base of their liqueurs.

The Amarula Trust, through its partnership with WildlifeDirect, is committed to protecting Africa’s elephants and making sure that the next generation can continue to meet the elephants beneath the Marula trees. The global initiative by Amarula continues the company’s consistent efforts to help save the African elephants since 2002. Launched in 1983, today Amarula has a retail presence in 100 countries, with national distribution in Canada, and accumulating numerous awards across the world.

For more information about Amarula and their “Don’t Let Them Disappear” campaign, visit:, and follow the @AmarulaElephant and #AmarulaTrust on Twitter starting August 6, 2018.

About WildlifeDirect
WildlifeDirect is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2004 with an initial focus on the plight of gorillas and then lions. In 2012, the NPO redirected its focus to elephant protection. Its flagship campaign, Hands Off Our Elephants, led by the current CEO of WildlifeDirect, Dr. Paula Kahumbu and the First Lady of Kenya, Margaret Kenyatta, created international awareness about the elephant poaching crisis in Africa. WildlifeDirect seeks to connect people to their wildlife and nature, and inspire them to value and act to conserve it. Today, Dr. Kahumbu is globally recognized for her efforts. WildlifeDirect formed a partnership with Amarula in 2016 to raise awareness about the importance of conserving the endangered African Elephant. For more information, please visit

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