Art All Weekend!

This upcoming weekend is full of art! There will be multiple gallery exhibitions; Galerie Zuger, Karats Vail, Claggett Rey Gallery, Squash Blossom, Raitman Art Galleries, and Vail International Gallery.

Vail International Gallery

Vail International Gallery will be hosting Mikhail Turovsky’s opening this weekend on Friday from 5 – 7 pm. The artist will be at attendance. “Born in Kiev in 1933, Mikhail Turovsky’s life and art reflect the great achievements, turmoil and triumph of the twentieth century. Beloved within the émigré community of New York, Turovsky and his wife Sophia escaped the Soviet Union and came to America in 1979. Since then his art has garnered accolades and exhibitions around the world. Turovsky’s art is rooted in Modernism, which was banned by the Soviets. His imagery is deeply personal reflecting the power and the importance of the individual- a clear rejection of the restrictions Soviet society placed on him as young man. Educated academically in the rigorous Russian art education system, Turovsky’s talent was first discovered in 1943 during the heart of World War II. In the ancient caravan city of Samarkand where the Leningrad School of Fine Art, later the Repin Institute, had fled Turovsky was introduced to art. His family, refugees from the war having fled Kiev, ironically found opportunity in the face of chaos. Following the war he continued his studies in Kiev where he studied with Tatyana Yablonskaya. He became a favored member of the Painter’s Union, with a secure career; status and success. He turned his back on the certainty and security of a career as a high level Soviet artist and emigrated to America in 1979 seeking only creative freedom. Celebrated today both in his adopted and native countries as an original and important artistic voice Turovsky continues to work daily and at the age of eighty three radiates the ever present optimism for life so evident in his work.”


Claggett Rey Gallery

Oreland and Bo Joe are father and son, artists who reach to their native heritage of Southern Ute and Navajo for inspiration in a contemporary way. Oreland is primarily known as a sculptor in stone and clay, but also is a fabulous painter and jeweler; working through multiple mediums he is able to communicate his stories. Bo is a master jeweler, who creates using traditional techniques of the Navajo heritage sculpting designs in Tufa stone and using the mold to cast silver, gold or platinum which become beautiful pieces of contemporary jewelry adorned with fine quality stones. Each new piece tells a story and each has a deeper meaning. “It is always wonderful to be drawn to the beauty in a piece of fine art or fine jewelry, and it is wonderful when you are able to visit with the artist to hear the stories and inspiration behind a piece you are drawn to,” says Bill Rey of Claggett/Rey Gallery.

This weekend Oreland and Bo will be featured at Claggett/Rey Gallery in the Village Inn Plaza in Vail Village. Both artists will be setting up at the gallery Friday afternoon and there will be an opening on Saturday, February 18th from 3-6pm. All are welcome to mix and mingle with the artists, and enjoy a glass of Silver Oak Cellars and TWOMEY wines from the Napa Valley.


Karats Vail

 Karats of Vail featuring Koji Kawamoto trunk show February 17th -19th. Koji Kawamoto grew up in Mie Prefecture Japan where culturing pearls was first discovered. So there is no denying that he would become a pearl expert and valued jeweler. This weekend he will be debuting a new collection of beautiful pearl jewelry.


The Squash Blossom

The Squash Blossom in Vail Village is hosting a Trunk Show with the delicate diamonds designs of Penny Preville this weekend, February 17th & 18th.

First inspired by the sparkling treasures in her grandmother’s jewelry box, Penny Preville is an award winning American jewelry designer, whose signature style is defined by quality, luxury, and intricate detail with diamonds.

Penny Preville jewelry is available in eighteen carat gold, as well as platinum, delicately set with diamonds and other precious stones, incorporating elements such as millegrain and hand engraving.

Come see her entire collection of diamond jewelry this weekend at The Squash Blossom. Open every day from 10am to 9pm or visit us at




Raitman Art Galleries

Raitman Art Galleries will be showcasing Kristof Kosmowski this weekend. Kristof Kosmowski was a prodigy in the European art world. He was awarded with 25 one-man shows in the largest cities of his native Poland by the time he was 25. He was also honored to show his work in the countries of Germany and Finland at such a young age. Kosmowski’s training at both the Escola Massana Centre d’Art in Barcelona, Spain and the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Poland intensified his focus and furthered his career.

His challenging medium of Venetian Plaster and oil paints provides his work with depth, texture and a rich vibrancy. Venetian Plaster is primarily composed of crushed marble and lime putty. Its extensive history dates all the way back to Roman times, with a resurgence during the Renaissance era in Venice and again with the skilled hands of Kristof Kosmowski.

Every variation Kosmowski infuses into his medium is applied with a random, controlled and immeasurable quality. His extemporaneous and emotional inspiration draws from a deep energy that translates into the poetic motions of his palette knives and brushes. It is impossible to duplicate a Kosmowski original, giving every piece intense feelings of mystery and excitement. Kosmowski’s bold use of color and texture reflect his inner essence and love for the land. These are the signature marks of this Colorado based, international artist.unnamed-1

Galerie Zuger

Galerie Zuger will be exhibiting well known and international sculptor artist, Spar Street. From a family of ski developers and a small ski town, Spar’s initial inspiration started with the slopes, and now he is bringing his renowned artwork to Vail. Spar Street’s sculptures come with a pivotal message and explore the essence of being truly alive and deeply engaged with the world around us. His sculptures are designed to be guiding paths to our most authentic lives and emblems of inner-strength.

Running until April 15th, Spar Street’s sculptures (including the one pictured below) are being exhibited at Galerie Zuger. An opening reception of his work will be held on Sunday, February 19th from 3pm-7pm during President’s Day weekend, where Spar will be in attendance. To learn more, please visit his website

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