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Beaver Creek Food and Wine Festival

Upon entering the Park Hyatt hotel to attend the Grand Tasting of the Beaver Creek Food and Wine Festival, the expectations were set high in order to top last years tasting.

Walking through the doors the tasters were immediately greeted to check in and receive their wine glasses for the night. Once the tasters were prepared with their tasting tool, they entered the room where the aromas of various different foods, wines, beers and liquors came to their senses. These smells were accompanied by the sounds of none other than the Spicy Pickle Jazz band.


Making their way to the different booths, the tasters encountered a wide variety of foods from land to sea getting taste of Beaver Creek’s fine dining scene. Washing the food down people made their way to he drink booths where this year they needed to choose between a wide number of wines, beers, and even some liquors that are easily accessible throughout the Vail Valley.  The grad tasting was an evening of delicious bites, fun music and a wide array of sips.