Cogswell Gallery and a Hint of Asia


This past weekend Cogswell Gallery had their closing party. John and Patrice Cogswell are retiring from the Vail gallery and it was a happy celebration! The turn out made it a special night as locals came to wish the Cogswell family farewell and welcome Viviane Jasinski and her husband Paul Jasinski, as they prepare to make the space their own and open, A Hint of Asia.

“Cogswell Gallery began from an immediate attraction to the basic essence of Native American jewelry and art.” The Cogswell Gallery opened their doors in Vail in 1976. The gallery’s success in Native American art was loved in the Vail Valley over the past thirty years and will be missed, however we are happy for the Cogswells’ as they take this next step.

A Hint of Asia, will be moving into the Cogswell Gallery space. Viviane was born in Mongolia and raised in the Shangdong Province of China. Her love of art and is what has inspired her. She has opened a gallery in Silverthorne and now with the opportunity and perfect timing she is opening A Hint of Asia in Vail. She carries Southeast Asian art; China, Mongolia, and Vietnam. The gallery will be a fresh and wonderful new addition to the valley. The new gallery will be opening this winter and we are excited for what is to come!