Five Tips for What to Wear to a Vail Valley Wedding: Vail Shopping Part 1

This is Part 1 of a series on shopping in the Vail Valley written by Jenn Bruno, a local Vail Valley fashion expert, blogger and owner of Luca Bruno.

Part 2 Vail Shopping covers Packing and Dressing for Fall In Vail

Part 3 Vail Shopping covers this years trends in winter ski wear!

In this post we discuss how to be best dressed at a Vail wedding in the fall.

Vail weddings provide endless second guessing on what to wear. Sun dresses and bright floral prints have been packed away and fall fashions can sometimes seem too warm or wintery for September and October. Dressing up is hard to do in the fall. Attend a wedding in Vail and the clothing complications can be mind boggling. Will it be a perfect Colorado blue sky day? Will I need Wellington boots for the potential afternoon monsoon? And my favorite, will it snow?

What makes a Vail wedding so special, aside from our mountains’ natural beauty, is the potential for unpredictable weather changes. But remember, no matter what mother nature decides upon, it will be memorable. I was married on September 20, 1997. Snow arrived in the morning, followed by rain. The sun finally arrived with a magnificent rainbow. Our four o’clock outdoor ceremony provided blue skies and sunshine. An hour later it rained and never stopped. It was a perfect day. Our guests were prepared for it all. And as a veteran of a few Vail weddings I can share a few tips on how to pack and what to wear.

Be prepared for it all mentally. You cannot pack your entire closet. Instead hedge your bets. Check the weather report but don’t count on it ;-).

1. Carry a pashmina shawl

Pack a pashmina shawl, make sure it is solid and matches a few items in your bag. Your pashmina will serve as a shawl, possible scarf and hopefully just a chair accessory during the celebration.

Pashmina Vail Wedding


2. Bring a Light weight fall dress, with bright colors


Fall fuscia dress

Pack a light weight fall dress. Keep the colors bright. This year fuchsia, royal blue and plum have been popular choices among designers. Your brighter color choice will balance out the fall in your fashion. Remember, designers always have in-between season styles, they are usually the first to be released in July. By now, those dresses just might be on the sale rack.

3. Don’t forget a summer dress back-up

Just in case, pack your favorite summer dress as a back-up. If you encounter an 80 degree September or October day you will be overjoyed that you have the choice. But remember, it will always cool off at night so don’t forget your trusted pashmina.

4. Wedge heels go anywhere

Pack a wedge and a heel that works with both dresses. Some Vail weddings take full advantage of our incredible mountains. That means you might be hiking to the ceremony. Your Manolo’s might have trouble maneuvering through the landscape ;-). Substance over style this time. You can always change shoes for the ceremony.

5. Get sporty and fun in the Vail Valley

For the rest of your time in Vail, keep it sporty and fun. Vail is typically a casually dressed resort town. Add a sweater, weather proof jacket and long pants to your luggage. These items along with your scarf will help you transition your travel clothing in an instant. And remember, if you forget something, Vail provides it’s visitors with an incredible shopping experience. It’s always listed as a favorite activity for our guests. We have a wide variety of clothing boutiques in Vail Village and Lionshead and throughout the Vail Valley. Walking around our mountain village is a great way to see Vail and enhance your fall closet.

Fashionably yours,

Jenn Bruno

This is a post by Jenn Bruno. Jenn has lived in Vail for over 20 years.  Jenn and her husband Luca own and operate DUE and Luca Bruno, two clothing boutiques in Vail Village.  They love all that Vail has to offer and enjoy hiking and skiing with their two sons Alec and Teddy.