Derived from the Greek word, Geoides, which means “earthlike”, geodes look like nothing more than round rocks. Yet, within these rocks are hollow cavities filled with crystals or mineral matter that are used to make exquisite jewelry and sculpture.

Geodes begin as bubbles in hot volcanic rock in which, over time, crystals form as water seeps in and out of these bubbles or air pockets. It’s the size and formation of the crystals as well as various shades of color within the crystals that make each geode distinct. The rough exterior of the geode gives no indication of the secret or beauty held within its core – and it’s amazing to find what beauty lies within each rock to make it so treasured.

While nature creates geodes, the precision and skill it takes to slice a piece of the crystal interior to create a piece of art or jewelry, relies solely on the expertise of the artist. Yet, each crystal creation is unique in its beauty and form.