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Glamping is Camping in Style

Good design is ubiquitous. There is little better than finding a new ‘something’ that makes life easier. Of course finding good design is tricky. Creating good design is even harder.  A few years ago we were able to design an RV for a client. It was such a fun project and reminded us good design comes in all shapes and sizes.

We’re slightly in love with the idea of glamping, so in praise of our glorious summer weather, we’re going to share some of our favorite camping designs and camping ‘hacks’.

Airstream has never gone out of style – and probably gained popularity when McDreamy moved in on Gray’s Anatomy.

There’s nothing rough about glamping – huge platform tents with every luxury.


The tent is welcoming and perfect for an afternoon barbecue or relaxed night of camping.

There is little as lovely as spending the a sleepy afternoon in a hammock – whether at home or at a campsite.

And last but not least, a sweet treat for the campfire. Slice a banana (leaving it in its peel, stuff marshmallows and chocolate chips in the banana. Wrap in aluminum foil to cook in the campfire. A ‘healthy’ s’more!