Have a Hygge summer

The word Hygge, pronounced “HOO-gah,” celebrates the Scandinavian way of life companionship, coziness, shared meals and interactions with loved ones and good friends. Hygge emphasizes warmth. It’s about enjoying the simple things in life like a sumptuous meal, while sitting on a patio or inviting people over for a relaxing meal at home. Listening to birds sing is hygge. Eating healthy is hygge. Picking up fast food while simultaneously checking your email or texting is not. Got the picture?


The Menu at Hovey and Harrison is always changing… not because the chefs are fickle but because they work with the freshest produce and ingredients to bring flavors that explode.

Gretchen Hovey, a co-owner of H+H, explains that everything they use comes from local farms, which means it might in the garden in the morning and in your salad come afternoon. With summer being so hectic, it’s hard to find the time to savor… so the team at at the restaurant has created picnic-to-go baskets that will come preloaded with salads, a protein, cheeses and the restaurant’s signature sourdough bread, created by chef-co-owner Molly Harrison. While much of the menu changes – there are staples that regulars can count on such as egg salad, chicken salad… and the best tasting peaches, corn and tomatoes.


In the past if you asked any good former New Yorker wher t oget the best bagel in town, there may have been a very pregnant pause. Now, without a second of hesitation, the answer will be Village Bagel. Owners Connie Leaf and Anthony Mazza’s bagels are made fresh every single day with schmears and other goodness have become de riguer in Edwards for locals and guests alike. Why stop at bagels though? Leaf and Mazza, created their version of a Sicilian-style pizza, lovingly dubbed “VB Pies.” They make an easy meal to go… although the process takes the bakers three days to create the mouth-watering pie. Pizzas come out of the oven at 11 a.m., so stop in and grab a slice or two for lunch by river. And while you’re at it, you might as well pick up some bagels for your next day’s breakfast, too!


Summer abounds at Red Maple Catering where Chef Jason Harrison pays homage to the bounty found here in the Rocky Mountains. While he offers a lengthy homegrown menu with the likes of Colorado striped bass with sweet corn and lemongrass pudding or Boulder-farmed Berkshire pork porchetta, the chef’s salads—a smörgåsbord of color and a vision of beauty are hearty enough for a full meal, and easy enough to take along for a dinner al fresco. Not to be missed is the Gilbert Family Garden Green Salad that features high country orchard peaches and grilled nectarines, heirloom carrots, Jumpin Goat Dairy goat cheese maple thyme vinaigrette.

Harrison talks lovingly about all of his creations, “All of these products are from Colorado and the best of summer. Our inspirations come from localism, and seasonality; we are in such a bountiful area, it is hard not to fall in love with it!”


As you wal into Kiwi in Avaon, you will be met with counters filled with a dazzling assortment of gelatos, ice creams, fruit bars and sorbets. Best of all. it’s all natural and organic: no refined sugar; no artificial colors or flavors. Only agave, coconut sugar, honey and natural sweeteners are used. And sometimes, herbs are added to bring a subtle hint of flavor here and there. Essentially, a healthy treat–from a 150-plus-flavor repertoire.

“The good thing about Kiwi is that because we make everything fresh everyday, our product is lower in fat than any other product of its kind in the market,” says Martha Trillo, Kiwi’s owner. “We have options for dairy-free and gluten-free people–like our gluten-free cones. And we have options for those who are lactose intolerant, as well.” And Trillo and her staff are ready for summer. “We are surrounded by fresh fruits and vegetables which we use for smoothies and juice, all made from scratch,” Visiting Kiwi once is just not an option! You’ll have to return there over and over and over​ again to savor the many exciting flavors–of everything!


The strength of the Patagonia Punch comes from TRÅ KÁL, as it mbodies the rugged beauty of the region. In its native language, trå kal means “first warrior into battle,” and this robust drink, with a taste of herb and berries, doesn’t disappoint. It is said to sip like a whiskey and mix like a gin. Blend the with locally owned Lost Identity Beverage Company’s non-alcoholic Citrus Tonic—with its invigorating bitterness, brightened by citrus and other botanicals and your senses will say, “Wow.” What’s more, the drink will bring out the adventure in you.