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New Years- Make it happen!

Happy 2015!

The new year is a great time for us to reflect on where we are going and where we have been. It’s a kickstart with a little wisdom from years past to guide us in the right path. What are your goals for the new year? Do you want to be more adventurous, more fit, more charitable, or happier? It seems to me this magical little place we live in holds all the answers. After all, I always lose weight after I ski a bunch of days in a row, and I sleep better too. I feel adventurous while out fly fishing on the frozen river banks in a peaceful world many people don’t see in the winter. I wanted to be more involved in our community and found a wealth of causes already in place doing wonderful things in the Valley ( Children’s Global Alliance, Casting for the Cure, VVMC Pet Partners and the Vail Valley Foundation to name a few)

The activities that bring me joy find me in the company of others who are joyful and happy too. It seems like a winning combination. We live in a wonderful community full of people who make things happen. I guess it’s time to join in the fun and make my 2015 goals a reality.