Packing and Dressing for Fall In Vail: Vail Shopping Part 2

This is Part 2 of a series on shopping in the Vail Valley written by Jenn Bruno, a local Vail Valley fashion blogger and expert.

Part 1 covered Five Tips for What to Wear to a Vail Wedding in the Fall

Visiting Vail you can often experience four seasons in one day — especially in the fall. Visit this Series for essential tips on what to pack, wear and shopping in the Vail Valley.

Autumn in Vail can be magical. Shimmering tones of yellow, orange and red surround views of our spectacular mountains. Just as the leaves provide the perfect transition from summer to winter, your fall clothing should bridge your clothing with inspiring colorful moments.

Pack a Fall jacket

A Vail wardrobe essential is a fall jacket. After months of only needing a shawl or a light weight cardigan, your fall jacket should be a solid warm toned color. Take inspiration from Vail’s mountains. Pick an olive, burgundy, or a chocolate jacket. Above all your jacket should be functional. It should take you from lunch on Pepi’s deck to a gondola ride in the magical mountains.

Make sure it has the right fit

Make sure your jacket fits. This is not the J Crew barn jacket from the nineties. Times have changed and your jackets and coats should fit correctly. What does that mean? Make sure the shoulder seam lines up with your shoulder. Get a view from behind. This is the best way to judge the fit of a jacket. Ask a friend. Don’t be shy.

Try a chunky wool cardigan

Fall is also the perfect time to pull out that chunky wool cardigan, or a cashmere one if the gods are particularly kind. Keep your bottom half a bit more fitted. This balances out the volume on top. If you are six feet tall or go by the name of Diane Keaton, by all means wear a full pant. The rest of us will balance our look.

The chunky fall cardigan is incredibly versatile. A walk in the woods, going back and forth to workout, grabbing coffee at Yeti’s Grind; it gives you the freedom to partake in all that Vail has to offer. But remember, keep it classic. Trendy colors can wait for your ski and snowboard outfits. This is an investment piece. If you buy correctly, you will have a friend for life.

When the snow and winter arrives, continue to use it indoors. Refrain from attempting to stuff it under your winter coat. This is a bad look. The fashion gods will not look kindly upon it.

Try a fun, low-heeled boot

Shoe choices in Vail can be tricky in the fall. Be strategic but have some fun. Don’t forget your hiking shoes, for September and October hikes in Vail are magical. Your previously mentioned jacket and cardigan gives you the freedom to have some rustic fun with your feet. Pack some fun low heeled boots for everyday wear to accompany your wardrobe essentials. Whether you are enjoying Vail’s Farmers Market or the Booth Falls Hike, you will be perfectly dressed for an exciting visit to Vail.

Fashionably yours,

Jenn Bruno

This is a post by Jenn Bruno. Jenn has lived in Vail for over 20 years. Jenn and her husband Luca own and operate Due and Luca Bruno, two clothing boutiques in Vail Village. They love all that Vail has to offer and enjoy hiking and skiing with their two sons, Alec and Teddy.