Super Diamond Comes to Vail – Part 1, Preshow

Who is Super Diamond you ask? Only one of the best Neil Diamond cover bands to sing Sweet Caroline.

Super Diamond is playing Tuesday, August 11, 2015 for free at the Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater in Vail, Colorado. Yes, I said free show. It is part of the Hot Summer Nights. What is Hot Summer Nights? So many questions…so little time. Hot Summer Nights is part of the Vail Valley Foundations Free Concert Series.

This annual free summer concert series is hosted at the Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater Tuesday evenings, starting June 9, 2015, throughout the summer months. All Hot Summer Nights Concerts take place Tuesdays at the Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater in Vail. With shows ranging from rock to country to bluegrass to funk and beyond, Crazy Mountain Brewery’s Hot Summer Nights has become synonymous with summer for locals and visitors alike. Throngs of music lovers gather at the Amphitheater each week to enjoy sunshine, picnics, friends and incredible free music. Doors open at 5:30pm and all shows start at 6:30pm.

New this year each Tuesday kicks off with Hot Summer Happy Hour, starting at 4:30pm!


The location: The Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater in Vail is one of the best venues to see a show. Your choice, seats under the open air roof or grass under the blue sky. Either way, with the backdrop of the Gore Range and nice acoustics it is a wonderful place to listen to great music and chat with friends and family.

Now back to Super Diamond. Remember when your parents or even your grandparents put their tape or 8-track in and starting clamoring to Sweet Caroline or Coming to America. You didn’t want to sing along but you did. And you still do. This band is happily stuck in the 70s and 80s and singing all of the Neil Diamond hits that you remember. I’ll bet that it will be a sold out show and everyone will be singing along.

I’m going to the free Super Diamond Concert in Vail tonight and I can’t wait. I’ll even take some photos and let you know my thoughts.