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Tour Fit Golf Labs

Tour Fit Golf Labs are the leaders in custom fit golf clubs. The PGA Tour level golf club fitting and building has helped players lower their scores and obtain a sustainable competitive advantage. Equipment is designed to maximize the performance of your game. With more than 50,000 combinations, Tour Fit Golf Labs fit you to the best possible head, shaft and grip combination with no loyalty to any specific brand. Guaranteeing greater distance and accuracy to each and every one of their clients.

Tour Fit Golf Labs utilizes state-of-the art technology including TrackMan, Sam PuttLab, and Radar to diagnose your swing and ball data.

Tour Fit Golf Lab, will be doing club fittings at the Cordillera Golf Club. Cordillera is a private Club in the Vail Valley with a wonderful value proposition, extreme exclusivity, Troon Prive’ management, and 7000 acres, hosting 4 different championship golf courses at four different elevations, topographies, climates, and weather patterns. The perfect place to perfect your swing this summer in the valley.

Tour Fit’s golf club fitting process utilizes diagnostic and scientific data derived from Trackman, high-speed cameras, radar, and proprietary fitting software to ensure precision and reliability during the examination of their clients. Tour Fit will analyze 21 various measurements including the best combination of head, shaft, grip, profile, weight, frequency and length to ensure that each club is built to maximize performance.

Tour Fit has opened their fittings to the public, offering 20% off at the Cordillera Golf Club. Schedule an appointment for your best game ever at