Vail Farmers Market A Must See

If you are in the Vail Valley on any given Sunday throughout the Summer you must visit the Vail Farmers Market. This is not your grandmother’s local farmers market by any means.


My fiancé, the kids and I decided to make a day of it. We lathered the sunscreen on the kids and we were there first thing when the market opened at 10am. We decided a good way to handle the market was to take a stroll and scope out the lay of the land first. When everyone was hungry we would make our way to the “food court” and then when it got hot the kids could jump around near the river or the several children’s fountains in Vail.

Childrens-FountainI’ve heard from many people that this is one of the best markets, if not the best farmers market in Colorado. The fact that there are over 125 vendors is just the start.

We wondered through Vail Village and spoke to some vendors, it is always interesting to hear their stories. How did you come up with this idea? or How long have you been doing farmer’s markets? It seems that there is an art to be a vendor in a farmer’s market. It is very interesting.


We started on the west end of Meadow Drive and freely moved through the crowds and boy does it get busy fast. It was nice to be there early so we could get some one-on-one time with the vendors. That quickly changed as they began getting busier. When we made it to Solaris the kids noticed the jumpy castle and the bull riding machine.


After a stint in the kids zone we continued to walk past the Kidsport, Pazzos, La Tour & Karats buildings. Making our way towards the Covered Bridge we noticed the artists row and could smell the delicious lunch vendors cooking away. I love the wooden Colorado painted signs and I saw a vendor selling those.


We all stopped at Kabbage and Hugs. They sold handcrafted beautiful Smore’s marshmallow roasting sticks. They had handmade beetlekill pine handles and very strong metal rods for roasting the marshmallows. They were cool.


Right next to them was Eli and Mort’s Epic Adventures. Eli is a little boy and Mort is his stuffed moose. They have several books that take them on adventures around fun resorts and do all of the fun things that kids do in a resort town. They catch big air, go zip lining, throw snowballs in the winter and chill in the hot tub. This is a favorite around our household as we have read all of their books. The boys love their adventures and can relate to all of the fun things that Eli and Mort do. We were met with a special treat as Mort the Moose made an appearance. He gave us a sticker and we gave him a high-five and we were on our way.

We were all getting hungry so we split up and grabbed some lunch. I grabbed a couple tacos from Maya but the Bratwurst smelled good as did the Tai food. We took our lunch to the river and chilled under the shady tree near the Covered Bridge.


After lunch it was time to double back and get what we came for. My fiancé loved some of the handmade wooden bowls at Tylerware. One of the boys got a great water bottle from the Kidsport tent. We all tried the honey from Winterpark Honey. I had to get the anti coughing honey so we could try it out this winter. Hopefully it works! Who doesn’t like candles? Well we stopped by to smell the wonderful scented candles at Winedown Candle Co. She has a great story, just ask her how she came up with the idea for her business.


On our way back towards Solaris we saw Westin Snowboard. We all snowboard and we love what Westin Snowboard does so we obviously checked them out. They had some cool skateboards there also.


It was sunny as it typically is in the Vail Valley and we stopped by Eye Pieces to see if the boys could get some cool shades. They were to mesmerized by a girl that had green hair. So we took a peak and went on our way.


The Vail Farmers Market makes it fun for everyone. Not only is there a kids area but we also ran into many fun characters like a “bronzed” cowboy. The boys couldn’t tell if he was real or fake. He stayed so still that it was difficult to tell. But after awhile he moved and my 5-year-old knew he was a real person.

Do you know what the Walking Mountain Science Center is? It is a fantastic program in Avon, Colorado who’s vision and mission is to awaken a sense of wonder and inspire environmental stewardship and sustainability through natural science education is carried on through a team of professionals, graduate students, and volunteers who deliver programs to thousands. At Walking Mountains Science Center, they believe that nature is for everyone. Children and adults. Amateur naturalists and graduate educators. Residents and visitors. They have a booth and the kids really liked what they had to offer.

My mom comes out to visit and she just loves Vail Mountain Coffee Roasters so we stopped by and grabbed a bag of their coffee. She will be very happy next time she comes to town.


The kids wanted treats and there was plenty to have. We stopped by Battered Cupcake and checked that off the list.


As we made our way west, we had to have a delicious pastry from the Alpenrose. I love lindzer tarts and had to have 1… or 3. 🙂 We rounded out the group with some sorbet and had to try a crepe from Crepes ala Carte.


Speaking of treats, we learned a very interesting fact. “Broken cookies do not have calories” My Fiance was very please to hear that. I have a feeling that when we get home all of the cookies will be in pieces.


We relaxed and let the kids run around a bit in Solaris Plaza. While we did we checked out Harriets Little Soap Company and then the Gilded Spruce. Holy cow, the Gilded Spruce has so many fun Colorado mementos to take with you.


We knew we were having pasta for dinner so obviously we went to Pastamore to grab some fresh spinach basil linguini. YUMMY! We also grabbed some fresh basil and bread from the Avon Bakery and Deli booth.


We stopped by Simplicity Longboards because we actually used their Stand Up Paddleboards (SUP) recently on a camping trip and had to tell them that their SUP’s rock.


It was time to relax to some soothing Jazz under that tent near Solaris. This was put on by the Vail Jazz Festival. It was perfect the adults could relax to the music and the kids could go play in the kids area in Solaris.

As we headed back to the parking structure we were all tired. We had fun and saw a lot that the Vail Farmers Market had to offer. It was packed full of really great food, beautiful retail products, fun things for kids and a variety of very different offerings. We will be back. Most likely with our mountain bikes so we can enjoy the trails on Vail Mountain and the fun times at the Vail Farmers Market.