Trends in Winter Ski Wear: Vail Shopping Part 3

This is Part 3 of a series on shopping in the Vail Valley written by Jenn Bruno, a local Vail Valley fashion expert, blogger and owner of Luca Bruno.

Part 1 Vail Valley Shopping covered Five Tips for What to Wear to a Vail Valley Wedding in the Fall

Part 2 Vail Valley Shopping covered Packing and Dressing for Fall In Vail


In this post we discuss the best part of mountain dressing and Vail shopping, the new trends in winter ski wear!

With our first big snowfall out of the way, it’s time to think about winter ski ware. Mountain fashions change as rapidly as popular ones. They are also less subtle.  Think neon. Finding the right outerwear for Vail, not only makes a statement but can be an incredible asset to your closet.

Depending on your budget and how often you will be walking around Vail Village can affect your decisions on the right jacket to wear in Vail. Fashion trends have brought mountain style to the cities. Moncler coats are not only found in ski and snowboard resorts but also in top restaurant coat rooms throughout the world.  We have made an impact on the mainstream. Puffy coats are everywhere, but are they right for you?


The length and puff of a puffy coat depends on your height, body type and personal style.  Some women think they can only wear short jackets because of their height.  It’s all about proportions.  If you are under 5’4″ and want a longer coat make sure it is more fitted.  If you purchase a longer coat make sure it has been designed with a double zipper.  This not only gives you some fashion options but helps with driving. Generally speaking, keep the supper puffy look to shorter jackets. This avoids a bad look and touchy people pushing your puffiness. 😉

moncler men

A great option is a versatile water proof jacket that can be transitioned from ski boots to heels. Your body and confidence will determine the length and cut. An easy color choice is always black, but if you already have too many black coats at home, make a bold decision and choose a color. Rich colors that accent the fall are perfect choices for your winter outerwear.

This season you will see some fun variations and textures in your ski and snowboard jackets as well as accessories. Mixing colors and fabrics will create a rich and bold look.  Check out these fun, painted fabrics!

Painted ski hats

Make sure to try on your jacket with ski pants and your favorite pair of jeans. Pick out a fun performance sweater to compliment your jacket.  While fleece is always an option, there are some incredible wool and microfiber layers that add a special touch to your ski outfit. Designers are having fun with painted fabrics and contrasting textures.

Above all, don’t forget to accessorize. The finishing touch not only completes the look but provides you with a great opportunity to showcase your own personal style. Have fun and remember fashion is created by individuals not magazines.

Fashionably yours

Jenn Bruno