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Burton U.S. Open Half-Pipe Excitement! Here’s the recap, in case you missed it.

U.S.A. women dominated the podium this year for the half pipe competition. Rider Kelly Clark take the number 1 position for a total of 8 first place finishes in her U.S. Open career. Chloe Kim took second and Arielle Gold took third. The 1080 degree spin was what got the wins. All three girls doing a variation that veteran Clark has made her competition standard. They had fun celebrating with sparkling cider, since youngest, Chloe Kim, is only 14 and Gold is a mere 18!

Photography: Katie Anderson




The men had a different story with Japan claiming first (Taku Hiraoka) and third (Ayumuon Hirano) on the podium. French rider Arthur Longo took second.

Below Hirano is flying high.



Below is first place finisher Taku Hiraoka putting down a super clean run.

A packed house at the base of the pipe with great energy cheering on the Men’s riders. It didn’t hurt that the weather was perfect.



The parents put the sweat in hauling up little cuties like the one below. So sweet. babyuso

I could have personally hung out with these ski club kids all day. Nothing like hearing them go “woah!” every time a rider flew over our heads.