Life in the Country

Words from our editor:

Not all of us in Eagle County live next to the ski resorts. I live out in the country, up near Adam’s Rib in Eagle. It is still snowing here and I thought I would share some country life photos, starting with sunrise.

All of the toys were covered in fresh snow!

Sorry for the poor photo, but this is one of my old guys in his winter jacket!

Waiting for breakfast.


My old Golden enjoying the first morning snow. He loves it!

No, this is not a bear! It is my sweetheart with a nose full of snow.

Here are two of my favorite big guys! I drive by them everyday and it is such a treat to have them in the neighborhood. They belong to Adam’s Rib Ranch and only work part-time:)

Isn’t he cute up close?

And then there are two family members who would rather stay warm inside and sleep until spring arrives.

Enjoy the fresh new snow!