Close Encounters David Frederick Riley’s emotionally charged paintings at Horton Fine Art

One of the most powerful elements of David Frederick Riley’s monochromatic portraits is how the eyes follow you around the room. “You have this other being that’s looking at you … a shared emotional experience between the painting and the viewer, an emotional quality that the viewer can relate to,” Riley says. It’s this connection to authentic expression that sets his wildlife and human portraits apart. While wildlife has traditionally been depicted from an observational, or removed, viewpoint, Riley captures the soul of an animal. “I’m forcing a direct experience — it almost becomes a spiritual experience where you get to interact with something that’s more of an essence than looking at it from afar,” he says. For Riley, a 3-by-3-foot canvas is small. His enormous paintings employ mineral spirits and three primary colors: transparent red oxide, ultramarine blue and white. His 15-year professional career as a magazine and book […]


Redistributing Art Collections With the experts at Claggett/Rey Gallery

For over 30 years, Claggett/Rey gallery has represented some of the finest artists in North America, and these days, it’s also specializing in estate art consultations. As many younger people opt for smaller homes and simpler lifestyles, they’ve been showing less interest in inheriting “stuff,” even if it is valuable fine art. “The kids and grandkids don’t want the burden of things, especially if they have no emotional connection to them,” says Claggett/Rey Gallery owner Bill Rey, who literally grew up in the fine art business. He says that in the next couple of decades, volumes of art will be “heirlooms without heirs” throughout the world. Meanwhile, many collectors haven’t made plans for their fine art to find a new home once they’re gone — or when they decide to downsize. “The art and the collections are so personal to them — they really are their visual diary so they are […]



Vilar Performing Arts Center reinvents its season After more than 30 years living loud and rowdy at the center of the jam band scene, Leftover Salmon’s tour plans went dark — along with every other band, artist and music lover — when the pandemic hit in March. As businesses shut down and people socially isolated, Leftover Salmon, like many other bands, streamed concerts online. And, while singer, songwriter and guitarist Vince Herman enjoyed maintaining his connection with fans, he had to get out of the box — literally. “Art brings people together. You put your differences aside. You’re laughing and crying at the same point. It shows the human side of people.” “I was definitely trying to reinvent myself in the way of streaming things at the beginning of the pandemic, with Zoom shows and meetings,” Herman says. “But I was the only face I was interacting with. I had […]

Chef Profile, DINING


That’s So Classic! Brian Ackerman of Splendido at the Chateau elevates the classics but keeps them fun Brian Ackerman’s childhood didn’t exactly scream “destined to become a culinary powerhouse.” As it happened, he got lost in an unexpected adventure. “It was one of those homes where Monday was spaghetti, Tuesday was lasagna —just all-American stuff,” says the chef-owner of Splendido at the Chateau in Beaver Creek, one of the best fine-dining experiences in the valley. Certainly one of the most consistent. But he didn’t grow up cooking or thinking much about it. After graduating from high school he headed off to the University of Missouri — Mizzou — where he dutifully began pursuing a business degree, and took a job in a restaurant. Sometimes it’s those little decisions that end up being so consequential.  The ball just started rolling, one restaurant leading to the next, then the Culinary Institute of […]



Virtual event to celebrate Dr. Eck on Sept. 19 & 20 Vail, CO (Aug. 21, 2020) ― While COVID-19 may be impacting the ability to gather together, Vail Health is celebrating the spirit of togetherness by taking its annual Hike, Wine & Dine event virtual, allowing people to participate wherever they might be located. On Saturday, September 19 and Sunday, September 20, participants are encouraged to hike on their own and share their experience with the event group through the Strava Club, as well as on Facebook and Instagram. The virtual Hike, Wine & Dine event will honor Dr. Jack Eck’s contributions to the community. Dr. Eck will retire from the Vail Health Foundation in December.  A  portion of the funds raised from this year’s virtual Hike, Wine & Dine will be used to keep Jack’s Place open on weekends during the winter. All proceeds benefit Jack’s Place and Shaw Cancer Center, […]



We each look at a piece of art differently. Some are attracted to the subject matter, others the colors. While some wonder what the artists were thinking as they worked on the piece. The bottom line is that it really doesn’t matter. The viewer simply likes the work. Outwardly, there’s no rhyme or reason. However, inwardly, the viewer was moved, attracted in some unspoken way. And that’s exactly how gallery owners choose an artist: They are moved by what they see.  At the same time, it’s important for artists who seek representation to do the research to see if a gallery is a good match for their work. Gallery owners have clear interests and aesthetics. They represent creative visions no matter what the genre. And, once committed, galleries are willing to support their artists in every way.  “It’s pretty evident to me when an artist has something to say,” remarks Marc […]



An artist and creative thinker, Dan Telleen’s wearable artwork is dynamic and thought-provoking. Fifty years ago, dan telleen introduced his bold, organic jewelry to Vail. Since then, he has developed a unique style and strong following. Known for his custom designs, his impeccable craftsmanship  and his one-of-a-kind way of linking people with time, history and their common humanity, Telleen incorporates such things as ancient coins, fossils, arrowheads, meteorites and even sand into his pieces. After college, Telleen taught elementary school art in Michigan and spent summers selling his art in Colorado, his jewelry always selling best. Initially, he concentrated on ceramics in art school and, for that reason,  treats the wax like clay, allowing designs to emerge “I try to find out what my materials can do and then use the spontaneity of the materials to create the jewelry,” Telleen shares.   For example, as Telleen works with the shape of a meteorite, he […]



We might be landlocked here in the Rockies, but but all rivers lead to the ocean, and seafood and fish are abundant on local menus. Whether they’re plucked from nearby waters or rushed to our valley from afar, the piscine options are bountiful —and the perfect choice for summer. When our days are bright and warm, it’s a delight to sink into one of these pristine offerings. Photography by Brent Bingham RUSSELL’S Though Russell’s might be known as the best steakhouse in Vail, the Alaskan King Crab legs are the ultimate in decadence.Steamed to succulent perfection, they need no embellishment beyond drawn butter, some lemon and a bit of greenery. Though the view of Gore Creek out the wall of windows is a nice accompaniment. PEPI’S Too pretty to eat? Perhaps, but don’t let that stop you. The Pepi’s Tuna Crudo makes a nice foil for the citrus segments and lemon vinaigrette. Sliced cucumbers and shaved fennel slaw bring crunch, and creamy […]



Kristof Kosmowski’s artwork explores a world of mystery and excitement Kristof Kosmowski and his artistic wife, Noemi, grew up under communist rule in Poland, which Noemi describes as “a really sad … grey nation.” These days, Kristof’s abstract landscapes, full of rich colors, texture and emotional energy, show no signs of his original homeland’s despair — but they do include its masterful European traditions. Kosmowski earned his graduate degree in graphic design at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts in 1982. As a commercial graphic designer, he designed movie posters for studios and stamps depicting various sports for the Polish Postal Service. He trained at the Escola Massana Centre d’Art in Barcelona, and by the time he was 25, his vivid sports portrayals led to 25 one-man shows in Poland, Germany and Finland. In 1984, the Kosmowskis escaped from Poland to Germany with their two toddlers. They had always intended to […]