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Chef Wade Eybel talks food, family and the mountain lifestyle By Krista Driscoll, Photography by Brent Bingham If you want some insight into Wade Eybel, the Park Hyatt Beaver Creek executive chef, look at his burger. It starts with Colorado Meat Co. grassfed, naturally raised beef, sourced within a 100-mile radius of Avon. The pork belly bacon comes from pigs raised by a man named Tom Walsh in Meeker, and the lettuce from Robert Anthony’s Buttercrunch Farm in Eagle.  Stacked with aged white cheddar, crispy onion fritz and special sauce on a house-made brioche bun, this is The Local Burger. It smacks of the mountains and provides a lens for viewing Chef Eybel’s culinary vision: wood-fired, noseto- tail Colorado cuisine.  “It’s a heck of a lot cheaper for me to buy lettuce from the Central Valley of California or pigs from Iowa or beef from Nebraska,” he says, “but it’s […]



Photography by Brent Bingham Local pastry chefs produce the sweet creations that feed their cravings. From airy macarons in ethereal colors to dark, sexy chocolate with a comehither wink, sugar has its own revered place at the table. “When you go out to dinner, you remember what you ate first, and you remember what you ate last,” says Brian Ackerman, chef-owner of Splendido at the Chateau. “Having a good pastry chef is really important.” Whether they’re building architectural structures of butter and sugar or churning sweet cream into silky gelato, pastry chefs are playful no matter how seriously they take their sweets. And though baking demands scientific precision and attention to detail, it’s an art form that encourages flights of fancy. Here, some of our best local pastry chefs reveal the cakes and tarts that inhabit their souls — the stuff of dreams. Carrie Heller – Terra Bistro Instagram: terrabistrovail […]

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A Musical Gem

We have a unique gem in the area. It shines. Is engaging. Filled with life. No, it’s not hidden. But, rather, it’s out there — ready for all to share in its delight. What’s more, the only thing you need is a ticket to capture the joy it creates. It’s easy to find. Its name clearly marked as you approach: The Vail Performing Arts Center (VPAC). Enter its walls and the magic begins. The array of entertainment that the VPAC brings in each year is astounding. The programs cover a gamut of entertainers in every genre for every age group. It might be a circus or a Broadway show, Grammy Award-winning artists or a full orchestra — all performing in this 530-seat venue with state-of-the art stage rigging, production and backstage accommodations to host the biggest and best! And this summer is no different, when the VPAC opens its summer […]

ARTS + ENTERTAINMENT, Culture in the Vail Valley

Just Dance

Innovative performances. World premieres. Extraordinary debuts. More than 150 dancers, musicians, composers and choreographers creating 11 performances. Numerous public events celebrating dance and music. This is what we can expect from the 31st season of the Vail Dance Festival (VDF). A spectacular event, under the artistic direction of Damian Woetzel, that is world-renowned. A retired principal dance with the New York City Ballet, Woetzel, now president of The Juilliard School, was named artistic director of the Festival in 2007, and soon established the event as a place to see both major dance stars and up-and-coming-performers. “Breathing the Rocky Mountain air, we seem to let go of rules,” says Woetzel. “Bringing together so many distinct voices sets the scene for some highly creative craziness.” And, certainly, each performance at the VDF will be a unique experience, beginning with an opening night that will feature New York City Ballet principal dancer, Festival […]

ARTS + ENTERTAINMENT, Culture in the Vail Valley

Dazzling Debuts

Eighteenth-century German writer, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, best-known for his poetic drama, Faust, described string quartet music as “four rational people conversing.” Essentially, the “conversation” begins when one instrument introduces a melody or motif and then the other instruments subsequently “respond” with a similar motif. It’s a thread that, over the years, has been woven through the history of chamber music. From its origin, chamber music has been composed for a small group of instruments — traditionally, a group that could fit in, say, a palace chamber of a large sitting room. In fact, for more than 100 years the music was primarily played by amateur musicians in their homes and was sometimes described as “the music of friends.” This summer, the Chamber Orchestra Vienna-Berlin, alongside celebrated violinist Anne-Sophie Mutter, will make its North American debut at the Bravo! Vail Music Festival. The ensembles, friendly music rivals, were first united […]

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Walking Among The Art

Head toward the covered bridge in Vail Village and you inevitably pass a white-clad soldier, frozen mid-step with skis over one shoulder and goggles covering his eyes. The 13-feet-tall bronze statue with his Army-issued gear honors those 10th Mountain Division ski soldiers, both alive and dead, who trained at Camp Hale, south of Vail, during World War II. Created by Scott Stearman and Victor Issa, 10th Mountain Division Memorial is just one of almost 50 carefully curated pieces of Vail’s public art from East Vail to West Vail’s Vail Ridge. The Town of Vail’s Art In Public Places (AIPP) program was officially adopted in 1992 to “promote and encourage the development and public awareness of fine arts.” Pieces range from murals to bronze figures to more modern work — even playgrounds. And while it’s easy to stumble upon some of Vail’s public art, the best way to explore is with […]

ARTS + ENTERTAINMENT, Culture in the Vail Valley

And all that jazz

For 25 years the Vail Jazz Foundation (VJF) led by founder Howard Stone and his wife, Cathy, has brought those “sudden smiles” and a stream of of exceptional music to our valley. And this summer is no exception — with more than 85 concerts in the course of 65 days, almost every jazz genre will be performed by ingenious musicians! “We’re going to make it the best party we can — all summer long,” says James Kenly, newly appointed executive director of the VJF. And he’s got a fresh plan to grow and develop the now-iconic festival. With the help of director of development Amanda Blevins, marketing manager Chris LeBoeuf and the rest of the team, their new ideas will make for a unique and transformative time in the history of Vail Jazz. And, with the countless relationships Stone has nurtured over the course of his career Kenly certainly has […]


A Walk To End Alzheimer’s

The annual Alzheimer’s Association Walk to End Alzheimer’s will be held on September 28 at the Brush Creek Park and Pavilion, in Eagle. An estimated 5.8 million Americans of all ages have Alzheimer’s disease which includes an estimated 5.6 million people age 65 and older and approximately 200,000 individuals under age 65 who have younger-onset Alzheimer’s. The disease is irreversible and destroys brain cells, causing thinking and memory to deteriorate. Alzheimer’s disease is not a normal part of aging. While there is no fee to register, the Alzheimer’s Association encourages participants to fundraise in order to contribute to the cause and to raise awareness. It provides free, easy-to-use tools and staff support to help participants reach their fundraising goals. Registration opens at 8:30 a.m., followed by a welcoming ceremony at 9:30 a.m. The two-mile walk will begin at 10:00 a.m.



Vail International Gallery hosted an opening for renowned artist, Ron Hicks, known for depicting realistic scenes and snapshots of everyday life. Recently however, Hicks has taken another direction. “I’m trying to sort of play with abstract, non-objective worlds of realism, to strike a harmonious balance between disciplines and place them on canvas or boards I paint on,” he says. “I am really letting them be the path, which is very different from some of my earlier work. I’m responding to what is set before me. It’s pure emotion. Whatever comes out, I allow it to be. And I’m not afraid to leave an area unfinished.” 1 Gallery Co-owner Marc Levarn with Artist Ron Hicks. 2 Master Jeweler Bo Joe with Lauren Logan from Claggett/Rey Gallery. 3 Sharon Hicks with Trisha and Lonny Donovan. 4 Rebecca Robinson. 5 Tom Fenstermacher and Dean Edwards. 6 Bob Will looking at “Aurora.”