Legacy ranch has an environmentally intuitive aesthetic that showcases the stunning backdrop By Kathy Filgo, Photos courtesy RKD architects Native Americans had been stewards of the land in what is now the United States of America for about 15,000 years before the American pioneers hit the westward trail in the 1700s. But it wasn’t until after the War of 1812 that a vast migration to a new life in the western territories really took hold. One could not ask for a more compelling environment in which to commune with nature and bring peace to the mind and heart. There were a lot of reasons the pioneers braved the challenges of the journey to seek their destinies in the Wild West: They were pursuing gold and silver; escaping overcrowding, rules and discrimination; looking for employment and business opportunities; craving space to plant crops and raise livestock; and some were simply looking […]

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For decades, Heather and Eric Schultz were among the lucky East Vail residents to have the impressive peaks of the Gore Range practically in their backyard. The Vail Frontage Road winds to an end nearly at their doorstep, before dwindling to a side road and ducking under the highway to climb the heights of Vail Pass. Yet, for decades it was a view they couldn’t much enjoy from inside their home. In a craving for more openness, the couple razed the existing home to the ground and began all over. Today, the house is unrecognizable from its previous incarnation, and is quite distinctive from its more traditional mountain neighbors. A stunning façade of glass and steel, with bold lines and inspired design, paired with earthy elements pulled from the Western landscape, it is a home that is both open and quietly part of the very mountain environment it inhabits. The […]