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Rugged Harmony

The stars aligned when the home high above Eagle Ranch was built, assures owner Kasia Karska. And, indeed it would seem that way. Outside, it is in harmony with the rugged Western terrain which embraces it. Inside, it is in beautiful harmony with the lifestyle and philosophy Kasia and husband, […]

Your Vail Valley Home

A Mountain State of Mind

Interior design in the Vail Valley is vibrant and alive! And the talent is flourishing with a wide palette of styles. Whether they prefer bold or subtle, contemporary or traditional, these eight designers share a common bond. They are all seasoned with a minimum of seven years under their professional […]

Your Vail Valley Home

The Importance of Lighting

A level of importance and thought with lighting gives art some serious punch. It can change the setting completely, creating an ambiance and mood. It can create soul and enhancement and change the emotion and aesthetic experience, as well. Hefty words, but nevertheless, they ring true. With proper lighting, the […]