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The Power Of Nonprofits

The first time Rebecca Kanaly slept in a homeless shelter, she was 5 years old. Sirens and lights flooded her childhood home after her stepmother fell into a diabetic coma. EMTs revived her, but that night, Kanaly found safety in a local shelter. She remembers it feeling warm, loving and bright as volunteers handed her a teddy bear wearing a shirt saying, “Somebody Loves Me.” “They gave me hope and promise for a better tomorrow,” Kanaly says. “When I step back, it’s very impactful for me.” As a teen, Kanaly grew up in foster care, which required her o either work or attend summer school. As a result, she held a variety of jobs, from painting a mental health facility to acting as a peer counselor. She credits the system for helping her explore careers through work assignments and personality tests, like the Myers-Briggs. “Sometimes I think about how many […]

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The Faces Of Movement

When Gerry Lopez signed up for a statweide substance prevention conference last May with Fellow students whore are involved with the Youth Leader Council program at Eagle River YOutuh Coalition (ERYC), he couldn’t have predicted the outcome. ERYC executive Director Michelle Stecher gave the students free rein to pick the sessions htey wanted to attend. Two student attendees, Evan FitxCharles and David Riley, joined a discussion led by a group from Aspen. The topic was Tobacco 21 (T21) legislation and thats when something clickled. The object of the T21 legislation is to raise the legal age for purchasing tobaco products from age 18 to 21. In just three months following the conference, Lopez, FitzCharles and Riley found themselves presenting their casefor passing the bill to the Avon Town Council. “I’m looking out for my peers because I want them to be able to succeed and have as many barriers in […]


Pink Vail—Where does the money go?

  Pink Vail might only take place on one special day each spring, but the dollars raised benefit all patients at Shaw Cancer year-round. Whether male or female, no matter their cancer diagnosis, all Shaw patients have the opportunity to benefit from Pink Vail funds throughout their cancer treatment and survivorship. Shaw treats all of the following cancers, including many that aren’t listed here. Brain & Nervous System Breast Colon & Digestive System Endocrine Female Reproductive Leukemia Lung & Respiratory Lymphoma Mesothelioma Myeloma Oral & Pharynx Prostate & Testicular Skin Soft Tissue Urinary Other Types of Cancer   100% of the donations from Pink Vail benefit patient care and the Spirit of Survival program at Shaw Cancer Center, providing all patients the opportunity to receive free exercise training, nutrition coaching, emotional support, massages, acupuncture, outdoor adventures and much more. These unique services can dramatically impact a patient’s quality of life, […]

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EPIC PROMISE: Where Giving Back Is Part Of Everyday

Two of Vail Resorts’ core values are ‘serving others’ and ‘do good.’ It’s more than lip service with the EpicPromise program. EpicPromise is a broad goal for the company and its employees: it runs the gamut from volunteering to an environmental promise, educational assistance to emergency funding in the communities where it operates, from Vail to Michigan, California to the East Coast. Volunteering can come in the form of one gigantic day of giving back as hundreds did on September 15 at Maloit Park in Minturn. Employees and their families spruced up the school. There’s EpicPromise Week, perhaps a weeklong build day at Habitat for Humanity when departments take over the volunteer schedule and build homes. EpicPromise Connect has volunteers working at all sorts of community programs in Eagle County. “There were 2,100 employees last year, we’re on track this year to have 2,500. It’s a huge impact, and we […]

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Emery Welles was just a baby when her parents noticed she was much more irritable than her older brother had been at that age, or other typical four month olds they’d been around. Emery’s mom, Aja, a labor and delivery nurse at Vail Health knew somethng wasn’t right with her sweet baby girl. Soon, the Welles heard the ‘C’ word every person dreads, who by Emmy, was diagnosed with a rare childhool cancer known as embryonal rhabdomuosarcoma. “Initially, we spent a lot of time at night research ways we would no go bankrupt as a family,” says Michael Welles, Emmy’s dada who has chronicled her treatment on a Facebook page called Emmy;s Friends. “Your mortgage doesn’t stop needing to be paid; you still have to put groceries in the fridge.” It was one of those evenings, duirng the early days of diagnosis, the Welles “stumbled upon” the Vail Valley Charitable […]

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Art, a Matter of Mind

  Monday Aug. 13, 2018   Quick Links   About the Organization Donate! Follow Us Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Instagram for the most up-to-date information on the Symposium. Upcoming Events:   August 8.15.18 Art, a Matter of Mind 8.20.18 “Rembrandt: Painter as Printmaker” Pulling Together the Exhibition September   9.6.18  Cyberwarfare: How Disruption Becomes Destruction   9.11.18  Rocky Roads or Smooth Sailing? A Discussion on the State of Transportation in Colorado   9.13.18  Russian Attacks on Democracy: What’s Next? 9.20.18  Enviromedics: Impacts of Climate Change on Human Health   9.27.18  What’s Next for North Korea Policy? The Vail Symposium Raffle is back! Do you love Vail? Purchase a raffle ticket and you’re entered to win a unique prize package that gives you the opportunity to explore and enjoy one of the most spectacular destinations in the country. Buy your tickets today! (Tickets are $25 apiece or […]

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Sometimes Andy Clark, the owner of Alliance Moving Systems, jokingly refers to his company as “a not-for-profit for profit.” Considering how he dedicates his time and resources to the community, one might almost take him seriously. Excepting that Alliance is a very successful full-service moving and storage company based in Eagle and Gypsum, with the world-wide reach that comes from being an agent of Allied Van Lines. Clark’s dedication to serving his customers is only part of what makes him tick. He also is constantly on the look-out for ways that he and his company can enrich the community and help the less fortunate among us. Clark moved to the Vail Valley in 1987 and started Alliance 18 years ago. He found that he was often asked to dispose of items, especially furniture, which were no longer wanted. So he began taking the pieces to his warehouse and looked for […]

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Much planning went into the Park, which is situated on eleven acres of open space in East Vail. “We wanted to keep the site as natural as possible,” says Diana Donovan, a member of one of Vail’s founding families, who sits on the board of the Vail Memorial Park Foundation. Donovan, who came to Vail in 1965, has been involved in every phase of the Park’s creation. “The Park has been very successful,” she says. “There are now 200 memorials. To meet increasing demand, we added a second phase in 2013, and a third opened this spring.” The Park is accessible from the Vail Recreation Path through a rustic arch, which welcomes visitors to a world of trees, meadows, wetlands and wildflowers. In the winter when the Park is blanketed in snow, part of Vail’s cross-country ski loop goes through the grounds. Donovan describes the Park as “a spiritual home […]

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River Bridge

Imagine the worst: you find out your child has been sexually abused or has witnessed physical abuse. Sadly, this isn’t such a rarity–it never has been–but now the community is talking about it, is aware of it and has a place where children can start to heal. River Bridge Regional Center helps with this heartbreaking process. It is a child advocacy center dedicated to providing “hope and healing to neglected and abused children and their families through treatment, advocacy, and investigation services.” In the past, if children reported abuse, their questioning was often done in a police station; in an interrogation room where they may have felt like the criminal instead of the victim. Instead of warmth and hope, they may have been met with what felt like a cold reception, which then became another traumatic experience. And many times, they had to tell and re-tell their story, reliving the […]