Giving Back

The Power Of Nonprofits

The first time Rebecca Kanaly slept in a homeless shelter, she was 5 years old. Sirens and lights flooded her childhood home after her stepmother fell into a diabetic coma. EMTs revived her, but that night, Kanaly found safety in a local shelter. She remembers it feeling warm, loving and bright as volunteers handed her a teddy bear wearing a shirt saying, “Somebody Loves Me.” “They gave me hope and promise for a better tomorrow,” Kanaly says. “When I step back, it’s very impactful for me.” As a teen, Kanaly grew up in foster care, which required her o either work or attend summer school. As a result, she held a variety of jobs, from painting a mental health facility to acting as a peer counselor. She credits the system for helping her explore careers through work assignments and personality tests, like the Myers-Briggs. “Sometimes I think about how many […]

Giving Back

The Faces Of Movement

When Gerry Lopez signed up for a statweide substance prevention conference last May with Fellow students whore are involved with the Youth Leader Council program at Eagle River YOutuh Coalition (ERYC), he couldn’t have predicted the outcome. ERYC executive Director Michelle Stecher gave the students free rein to pick the sessions htey wanted to attend. Two student attendees, Evan FitxCharles and David Riley, joined a discussion led by a group from Aspen. The topic was Tobacco 21 (T21) legislation and thats when something clickled. The object of the T21 legislation is to raise the legal age for purchasing tobaco products from age 18 to 21. In just three months following the conference, Lopez, FitzCharles and Riley found themselves presenting their casefor passing the bill to the Avon Town Council. “I’m looking out for my peers because I want them to be able to succeed and have as many barriers in […]



Great skiing, fun events and one incredible setting brought thousands of participants – skiers and nonskiers – to Vail Mountain on March 16 for Pink Vail, a fundraiser to benefit all patients at the Shaw Cancer Center through enhancements to patient care and patient programming. The event raised over $850,000! Since its inception in 2012 the event has raised more than $4 million for patient care and programming including three new patient-focused positions: Patient Resource Navigator, Nutritionist and Licensed Professional Counselor. Visit to view the 2019 Pink Vail video.



Vail International Gallery hosted an opening for renowned artist, Ron Hicks, known for depicting realistic scenes and snapshots of everyday life. Recently however, Hicks has taken another direction. “I’m trying to sort of play with abstract, non-objective worlds of realism, to strike a harmonious balance between disciplines and place them on canvas or boards I paint on,” he says. “I am really letting them be the path, which is very different from some of my earlier work. I’m responding to what is set before me. It’s pure emotion. Whatever comes out, I allow it to be. And I’m not afraid to leave an area unfinished.” 1 Gallery Co-owner Marc Levarn with Artist Ron Hicks. 2 Master Jeweler Bo Joe with Lauren Logan from Claggett/Rey Gallery. 3 Sharon Hicks with Trisha and Lonny Donovan. 4 Rebecca Robinson. 5 Tom Fenstermacher and Dean Edwards. 6 Bob Will looking at “Aurora.”



This year’s calendar to support the Vail Breast Cancer Awareness Group (VBCAG) was unveiled to rave reviews at Northside Kitchen, with drinks and apps for all. This is the second year that a group of young women banded together, raised money from sponsors and were photographed to bring attention to the disease. The VBCAG supports all those in Eagle County who are diagnosed with breast cancer with a Shine On Bag of goodies, $500 for a Day to Play and dinners from Chef Weston, a private chef. 1 Amanda Durham and Meghan Russo 2 Starlene Bray, Rebecca Mancone, Sponsor Tom Dvorak of Custom Glass Systems and Mindy Czeschin. 3 Northside Kitchen owner and the evening’s host Jim Pavelich with Deb Douglas and Carla Guarascio. 4 Kelsey Sutton and Lindsey Myers. 5 Vail Breast Cancer Awareness Group President and Co-founder Brenda Himelfarb with Board Member Tricia Swenson. 6 Rebecca Manzoni and […]


Digging up the past

It’s sitting right in front of you, though you may not realize what you’re seeing: fossils, bones, the lingering echoes of plants and animals that lived millions of years ago. But you don’t have to journey far away to see these remnants of the past — you can find these historical treasures right here in the Vail Valley. From prehistoric finds to the traces of people who lived almost 7,000 years ago, there are historic riches just waiting to be discovered in our extended backyard. Uncovering history Billy Doran moved to the Vail Valley almost 30 years ago, but he made his first dino discovery in 2011. An avid amateur paleontologist, Doran has been fascinated by dinosaurs since a young age. With the advent of the Internet and the ability to research just about any topic imaginable, Doran was able to rekindle his passion for paleontology and indulge his curiosity. […]



Photographer Todd Winslow Pierce was on hand for a book signing of Living Beneath the Colorado Peaks, a fascinating story of the Knapp Ranch, whose owners, Betsy and Bud Knapp, were dedicated to the design, history, conservation and appreciation of the Rocky Mountain Landscape. The book, written by Sarah Chase Shaw, won the Western Heritage Award for Outstanding Photography Book of 2019, awarded by the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum. Sprinkled throughout the book are indelible stories of the Knapps’ relationships with a cadre of designers and builders who pursued historical methods and artistry embedded in every detail of the ranch. 1 Kate Morris and book photographer Todd Pierce. 2 Tom Thayer and Roger Tilkemeier. 3 Bill Rey, Todd Pierce, Kim Langmaid, Maggie Rey and Lynne Langmaid. 4 Patti and Charlie Langmaid. 5 Kimberly Gillie and Linda Hill.



January’s Eat Chat Parent featured Mind Springs Health President and CEO Sharon Raggio, LPC LMFT, Gerry Lopez and Mel McCalley. The interactive workshop focused on self esteem, character strengths, coping and resilience and the vital role these traits play in our and our children’s lives. The Eat Chat Parent programs, put on by the Eagle River Youth Coalition, encourages parents to talk with their kids about tough topics and to communicate about the topic at least three to four years prior to the behavior occurring. Each session explores a mental health topic including technology wellness. 1 Jennifer Sassi, Alicia Chavez and Maggie Chavez. 2 Allie Jacobs, Linda Lebid-Bumpas, Wendy Kronholm and Donna Jacobs. 3 Christine Albertson of Vail Health, Gerry Lopez ERYC Youth Advisor, Sharon Raggio of Mind Springs Health, and Carol Johnson ERYC Community Education Manager. 4 Carol Johnson registering parents and their children for the event. 5 Amy […]


Starting Heart Saves Lives

At a February Starting Hearts event, Susan Ford Bales shared her story of having a cardiac arrest while on a treadmill. “I felt sort of sluggish, and my shoulder hurt when I awoke that day,” Bales told the crowd. “I thought I might feel better if I worked out.” But Bales collapsed at the gym and was shocked with a defibrillator that was on hand. That saved her life. Starting Hearts is dedicated to saving the lives of sudden cardiac arrest victims through free CPR and defib training and access programs. To date they’ve increased the number of defibrillators to over 400 in Eagle County and have taught leadership and life-saving skills to over 20,000 students. 1 Guest Speaker and SCA Survivor Susan Ford Bales and Steve Jones. 2 Josiah Middaugh, Diana Scherr and Ingrid Middaugh. 3 Mark Bricklin, Brenda and Alan Himelfarb, Starting Hearts Executive Director. 4 Founder of […]


An Evening On The Orient Express

The rails were rockin’ when revelers united for the Vail Valley Foundation’s (VVF) 2019 Black Diamond Ball’s “Orient Express”. Betsy and George Weigers were honored as the Vail Valley’s Citizens of the Year for their generous support. The money raised at the event goes to the myriad of programs that the VVF supports from the arts to athletics to the more than 4,000 local children supported by its nationally recognized YouthPower365 programming. 1 Joe Illick and Gina Browning. 2 Nate Hail, Rod and Beth Slifer, Michelle Hayes. 3 Clayton, Elizabeth, Debbie and Fred Tresca. 4 Donna Giordano and Ann Smead. 5 Rebeca Hanrehan, Suzi Ballard and Linda Hendricks. 6 Kathleen and Jack Eck. 7 Tim and Kim Muffley.