Pink Vail—Where does the money go?

  Pink Vail might only take place on one special day each spring, but the dollars raised benefit all patients at Shaw Cancer year-round. Whether male or female, no matter their cancer diagnosis, all Shaw patients have the opportunity to benefit from Pink Vail funds throughout their cancer treatment and survivorship. Shaw treats all of the following cancers, including many that aren’t listed here. Brain & Nervous System Breast Colon & Digestive System Endocrine Female Reproductive Leukemia Lung & Respiratory Lymphoma Mesothelioma Myeloma Oral & Pharynx Prostate & Testicular Skin Soft Tissue Urinary Other Types of Cancer   100% of the donations from Pink Vail benefit patient care and the Spirit of Survival program at Shaw Cancer Center, providing all patients the opportunity to receive free exercise training, nutrition coaching, emotional support, massages, acupuncture, outdoor adventures and much more. These unique services can dramatically impact a patient’s quality of life, […]


Thomas Walsh skis to first career world championship medal

  Thomas Walsh captured the first world championship medal of his career with bronze in the men’s giant slalom. Team USA earned five top-10 finishes in tech events in Kranjska Gora, Slovenia. Super-G, downhill and super combined races continue Tuesday, Jan. 29 in Sella Nevea, Italy. Colorado Springs, Colo. – Thomas Walsh (Vail, Colorado) stepped onto the world championship podium for the first time in his career on Monday, Jan. 21, winning bronze in the men’s standing division of the giant slalom. The Vail native put together two solid runs on the opening day of competition at the World Para Alpine Skiing Championships to win Team USA’s first medal in Kranjska Gora, Slovenia. Walsh has previously found success on the hill in Kranjska Gora, which is where he also won his first world cup medal in giant slalom in 2016. The 23-year-old is coming off winning two world cup silver […]



Sometimes the perfect recipe is right before our eyes. Take two ex-cops, mix in a joint love of cooking, add a pinch of spice and touch of tea, blend together generously and you have the ideal yin and yang of a wonderful partnership. Perfect example: Sarah Chartier & Kirstin Ruehlen, the Cagney & Lacey of The Spice & Tea Exchange of Vail. But as opposed to the fictionalized characters from the ’80’s, these former officersfrom the Northern Colorado Drug Task Force are as real as winter snow, and so is their shared desire to bring the very best spices and teas from around the world directly to the Vail Valley. Kirstin had retired in 2012 after 15 years as a Ft. Collins narcotics detective, with Sarah being the same until 2015 on the Loveland force. In between the two retirement parties,Kirstin’s mom introduced her to her very favorite Dallas area […]

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It’s breathtaking to catch a glimpse of a snowshoe hare, elk or mule deer while snowshoeing, cross-country skiing or snapping that money shot of wildlife in the forest. But it can be just as exciting to see footprints and be able to identify what large or small animal walked before you. In fact, you’ll probably see plenty of animal tracks from the chairlift on a freshly blanketed powder morning, and it’s always entertaining to point out the difference between a mule deer and an elk’s pattern to friends and family. There are those who are experts at identifying scat, aka the poop of wild animals, but that can be—let’s just say—a smelly, mushy business, depending on how many berries animals have eaten and how long their droppings have been exposed to the elements. Fortunately, there’s a cleaner way to identify mountain animals, particularly in the winter: They each leave distinct […]



Above: Assay Office constructed by the Silverwave Mining Company in about 1882. It was said that the reason it was built on the edge of the cliff was so that men working at the assay office could signal to the loading station on the railroad in the canyon below In 1879, Battle Mountain, the massive land formation south of Vail Resort’s famed back bowls, was literally a treasure vault. Miners drifting down the Eagle River Valley from the bustling Leadville silver camp immediately recognized the ore-bearing potential of the quartzite veins, iron-stained outcroppings and limestone rocks. Gold initiated the mining excitement, but silver proved to be the “pay dirt.” By 1873 the mines on Battle Mountain produced over $1 million of silver ore. In 1879, Battle Mountain, the massive land formation south of Vail Resort’s famed back bowls, was literally a treasure vault. Miners drifting down the Eagle River Valley […]



A funny thing happened to Joe and Annie Staufer on their way to California. The night before the couple was to leave the island of Bermuda—where they met while working at a resort—to fly to Santa Barbara for a job at the Biltmore Hotel, Joe received a phone call from his friend, Martin Mosshammer, the assistant manager at a newly built, small hotel called The Lodge at Vail, located at a nascent ski resort in the mountains of Colorado. “Just come see it,” urged Mosshammer, who knew of Joe and Annie’s plans. “You can fly to Denver, rent a car, drive west to see Vail and then drive on to California.” The conversation peaked the couple’s interest well, Joe’s, anyway—as Annie, who is from England, was looking forward to enjoying the appealing California climate. But, she was game. And so began the Staufer’s adventure. Arriving in Denver, the couple rented […]

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Mother-daughter relationships can be diverse and complex yet one of the most significant, as well. They can also be the trickiest to manage. While some mothers are best friends, others see each other once or twice a year. Some face their conflicts; others avoid it at all costs. And still others spar regularly.Like any relationship, it’s a balancing act—at once challenging and rewarding. Yet, in the end, powerful. If Vail ski patroller, Teri Seibert, had her way, all of her kids would work on the mountain. “It’s the best soul satisfaction,” she says. “You’re out skiing and you’re helping people. Everyone I work with has the same outlook. It goes into that emergency kind of lifestyle”Teri moved to Vail in 1979 and wanted to be a ski patroller. “When I began, there were four women on ski patrol,” recalls Teri. “It was me, Julie Young, Janet Testwuide and Dee Hoskins. […]

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EPIC PROMISE: Where Giving Back Is Part Of Everyday

Two of Vail Resorts’ core values are ‘serving others’ and ‘do good.’ It’s more than lip service with the EpicPromise program. EpicPromise is a broad goal for the company and its employees: it runs the gamut from volunteering to an environmental promise, educational assistance to emergency funding in the communities where it operates, from Vail to Michigan, California to the East Coast. Volunteering can come in the form of one gigantic day of giving back as hundreds did on September 15 at Maloit Park in Minturn. Employees and their families spruced up the school. There’s EpicPromise Week, perhaps a weeklong build day at Habitat for Humanity when departments take over the volunteer schedule and build homes. EpicPromise Connect has volunteers working at all sorts of community programs in Eagle County. “There were 2,100 employees last year, we’re on track this year to have 2,500. It’s a huge impact, and we […]

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A few years ago, Lindsey Vonn was celebrated in a People magazine article titled “25 Women Changing the World.” And rightly so. At the time, Vonn, the winner of Olympic Gold and more World Cup titles than any skier in history, was getting ready to change the world with the introduction of her nascent Lindsey Vonn Foundation (LVD). As Vonn told the magazine, she was nine years old when she met Olympic ski racer Picabo Street at an autograph signing in a ski shop in Minneapolis. “It was like meeting a superhero in real life,” she relates. “Those two minutes changed my perspective and made me want to be an Olympian. I think little things can make a big impact and help change a life.” So Vonn created her foundation to do just that: make a big impact and help change a life. “I want to empower young girls and […]

Giving Back


Emery Welles was just a baby when her parents noticed she was much more irritable than her older brother had been at that age, or other typical four month olds they’d been around. Emery’s mom, Aja, a labor and delivery nurse at Vail Health knew somethng wasn’t right with her sweet baby girl. Soon, the Welles heard the ‘C’ word every person dreads, who by Emmy, was diagnosed with a rare childhool cancer known as embryonal rhabdomuosarcoma. “Initially, we spent a lot of time at night research ways we would no go bankrupt as a family,” says Michael Welles, Emmy’s dada who has chronicled her treatment on a Facebook page called Emmy;s Friends. “Your mortgage doesn’t stop needing to be paid; you still have to put groceries in the fridge.” It was one of those evenings, duirng the early days of diagnosis, the Welles “stumbled upon” the Vail Valley Charitable […]