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Photos by Brent Bingham For more than a decade I had witnessed Turtle Buses winding their way up and down and around Happy Valley, but the opportunity to personally partake in “TransperTainment” had simply never presented itself. And then it did. All those years spent wondering what all the party bus fuss was about, all of the questions swirling around in my head were finally going to be answered. I felt like a little kid about to embark upon the taboo ride at the carnival; the one mom said to stay away from and that’s the very reason you would do whatever it took to ride it, provided mom never found out. On an absolutely gorgeous winter afternoon, good fortune shined when I joined Turtle Bus owner, Shane Ward, Hayden the Turtle bartender (a six-year employee and a convenient welder when needed) and Rosanna the Golden Retriever as we escorted […]



Wellness is a journey Photos by: Getty Images It’s almost habit that whenever we’re asked how we’re feeling, most of us answer, “Great.” “Fine.” “Terrific.” Who wants to hear about the sleepless night, the backache, the headache or the anxiety we might be going through? That’s “stuff” most of us don’t share with just anyone. Yet, that’s exactly the “stuff” that needs to be addressed to keep us healthy. And according to the National Wellness Institute, staying well is “an active process through which people become aware of, and make choices towards a more successful existence.”   You know the drill. Exercise. Eat well. Sleep well. Quiet your mind. In other words, take care of you. It’s a priority! When it comes to diet, balance is the key word. And it’s not that hard. Eat nuts and whole grains. Lean protein. Seafood. Cut back on fat. Drink lots of water.  […]

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photography by brent bingham Anyone who has ever ventured on a hike, be it a flat trail or a 14er, has experienced the instant feeling of peace and contentment that takes hold. Even on the most stressful day, nature’s chorus has a way of taking over. And that might be the best part of hiking: allowing nature to sing. In fact, a Stanford University study found that time spent in nature calms the portion of the brain that reduces your mind’s tendency toward negative thought patterns. That outdoor exercise — particularly hiking — has a direct correlation to a greater feeling of positivity and energy. Buddhist monk Ryojun Shionuma scaled Japan’s Mt. Omine (5,640 feet), almost 30 miles round-trip, every day for 30 consecutive days for nine consecutive years. He completed the journey 1,000 times in an ancient ritual that promised pain, suffering and, if completed, enlightenment. His incredible feat, […]

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It’s the allure of the vast, open spaces, however, that draws couples to these ranches, the connection to the natural beauty that is only enhanced by the rustic structures.  Many guests find that once they’re ensconced in the serene expanse of the ranch, there’s really no reason to leave. Perched at more than 10,000 feet above the ordinary world, it seems as if this space is what wedding dreams are made of. It’s summertime in the Vail Valley. Every day brings some new opportunity to appreciate this stunning setting from a blazing sunrise to the rainbows that pop up after an afternoon shower. It’s no wonder that so many couples choose to tie the knot in this idyllic location, whether it’s a local couple, former residents or long-time visitors. Each ceremony is unique, ranging from over-the-top opulence to intimate elegance but no matter what the theme, many couples are choosing to […]



From the bubbling rapids of the eagle river to the dips and eddies of the colorado, the rivers, streams and lakes of eagle county offer themselves to sportsmen, adventurers, conservationists and more. by Krista Driscoll and Katie Coakley – photography by Brent Bingham The put-in is alive with excitement. Commercial vans and buses jockey for position to lower stacks of rafts to the water, alternating turns up and down the boat ramp with trucks hauling kayaks and SUVs towing drift boats. People mill about in various states of river dress, lifejacket buckles flopping unceremoniously as they wave their arms to provide traffic control to the many vehicles.“It’s like organized chaos,” says Miranda Hicks, with Timberline Tours, a local river guiding company. “Making sure guests know how to get themselves ready, where they can stand to watch us put boats in the water and get gear ready for them. “But if you go to each guide, we are very […]



Photography by Brent Bingham A celebration is defined as “the action of marking one’s pleasure at an important event or occasion by engaging in enjoyable, typically social, activity.” Take the “action,” pair it with a glass of bubbly, give a gift of jewelry and let the celebration begin! For jewelry helps to celebrate love and give voice to our experiences. Just the word “baubles” makes us smile. And then, of course, there’s bangles and beads. In essence, every piece of jewelry is a story of love — be it a wedding, a birthday, or “just because.” The simple act of giving or receiving a piece of jewelry brings joy and a time celebrate and to remember — always.   18K white gold ruby and diamond half domed earrings available at Betteridge 18K gold necklace with rhodolite garnets, diamonds and other multi-colored stones by Bellarri available at Lamina RIGHT HAND: 18K rose […]



Several Vail Valley hotels make their canine customers feel special By Kimberly Nicoletti Bachelor and Scout, two Bernese Mountain Dogs, greet guests, pose for pictures with kids and play with dogs checking in with their owners nearly every afternoon at The Ritz-Carlton, Bachelor Gulch in Beaver Creek. Meanwhile, in Avon, a patient who’s recovering from surgery performed at Vail Health or undergoing physical therapy at Howard Head Sports Medicine might be staying at the Westin Riverfront Resort with his or her dog for a few days or weeks. These are just two examples of how Vail Valley businesses prioritize, and welcome, mankind’s best friend.   “Vail is the biggest dog place I’ve ever seen. You don’t feel like you’re constricted if you have a dog here,” says Jonathan Reap, director of public relations and communications at Four Seasons Resort in Vail. “Everything is so dog friendly. It’s like you’re supposed to […]



THE BEST RUNS FOR YOUR MIXED GROUP Navigating ski resorts like Vail and Beaver Creek can be a bit tricky when you’re with a group. Honestly, navigating just about everything (including dinner) can be tricky with a group but finding options to suit a range of skiers and riders on the slopes doesn’t have to be a deal-breaker. Nor does it mean waving goodbye to each other only to reconnoiter for lunch or apr.s. Whether you’re enjoying a day at Vail or Beaver Creek, here are some great runs for mixed-level groups to enjoy together.   VAIL   Now that you’ve navigated Beaver Creek, you’re up for the Vail challenge. With 195 runs and 5,289 skiable acres, there are plenty of areas to choose from. When skiing with a group of varying abilities, Chair 7 should be your first destination.   Chair 7 (technically the Game Creek Express Lift) accesses a playground for almost […]



Head out and discover the magical world of snowshoeing by moonlight By Katie Coakley Photograph by Brent Bingham It was blissfully quiet as I gathered up my pack, strapped on my snowshoes and made my way to the trailhead. A group of five women were waiting; with minimal conversation we turned on our headlamps and tromped onto the trail. It wasn’t long before our headlamps were switched off: The full moon cast enough light to suffuse our surroundings with a blueish glow. Though the snow gathered in pillow-like humps in some areas, there was a faint crunching that set a cadence as we walked.  There was little conversation until we stopped for a break, to regroup and sip hot beverages from our packs. The silence wasn’t imposed; it was simply a response to the almost ethereal nature of our surroundings. But laughter floated over the snow as various threads of […]