Eat, Drink & Golf

After a robust day of skiing the steep and deep, challenging those double-black diamonds in powder up to your waist, it’s time to relax and savor a much deserved cocktail in the crisp mountain air–it’s après ski time! Oops–no, wait a minute–wrong season. OK, let’s begin again. It’s summer: birds are chirping, the grass is green and golfers are gleeful. And those golfers seem to have taken a cue from their winter sports-loving counterparts because now, when the actual playing of golf concludes, those outings are being followed by après golf time. In the past, short of getting drinks on the 19 th hole or grabbing a pre-packaged snack off a cart as it rolled around the greens, this experience didn’t quite have the rich tradition that skiers have enjoyed for years. But golfers refused to be denied just because there’s no snow on the ground. Today most golf courses […]