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Brenda Himelfarb | Delectables | July 12, 2019

Summer is the season of smells. The air is filled with an array of aromas: the blooming trees, flowers, luscious herbs, and ripening fruit. Those of us in the mountains look forward to most of all the ripening of peaches. For us, it’s like looking forward to Santa coming down the chimney. For, when life […]

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Brenda Himelfarb | Delectables | December 11, 2018

Supposedly a man named Gennaro Lombardi opened the first “said” pizzeria in New York City in 1905. An employee of his, Antonio Totonno Pero, began making pizza which sold for five cents. But since many people couldn’t afford the cost of a whole pie, they would say how much they could pay and were given […]

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Author | Delectables | July 2, 2018

The word Hygge, pronounced “HOO-gah,” celebrates the Scandinavian way of life companionship, coziness, shared meals and interactions with loved ones and good friends. Hygge emphasizes warmth. It’s about enjoying the simple things in life like a sumptuous meal, while sitting on a patio or inviting people over for a relaxing meal at home. Listening to […]

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Kim Fuller | Delectables | December 11, 2017

Executive Chef Paul Wade has prepared this Colorado bass dish with a country-French inspired flavor throughout. Wade showcases locally harvested bass in a way that allows those flavors to shine, but also draws from an Old World flavor profile that never tires. It’s Niçoise style, complete with quail egg, tuna galantine and saffron-red pepper jus. […]

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Kim Fuller | Delectables |

Mussels Frites, known in France and Belgium as Moules Frites, is a classic coastal dish, especially on the Northern Coast of France. Vintage’s mussels are steamed with white wine, melted garlic and leeks, and finished with fresh herbs. And these simple, fresh ingredients are all that is needed for the French dish to shine—particularly seafood. […]

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Kim Fuller | Delectables |

This pan-seared salmon dish served at Terra Bistro in the Vail Mountain Lodge & Spa is a dynamic and flavorful entree. The restaurant is known for its lighter and healthier approach to food, and this rendition is no exception. Managing Partner Kevin Nelson and his team always go for clean flavors that allow the main […]

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Kim Fuller | Delectables |

Harvest’s Shrimp Bruschetta made with herb and wine poached shrimp, roughly chopped and tossed with tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, fresh basil, then finished with balsamic reduction. Executive Chef Rosa Provoste says it’s simple and fresh, inspired from Mediterranean flavors. The bruschetta is great to share as an appetizer and to pair with a glass […]

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Kim Fuller | Delectables |

A trip to the mountains doesn’t mean your palate has to be land-locked. Restau-rants up and down the Vail Valley have fish and seafood dishes that are truly fresh. Ingredients are flown directly from the source, and the talent of our local chefs makes the preparation and flavors on each plate pop.

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Kim Fuller | Delectables |

Hooked sits in the heart of Beaver Creek Village, and although the restaurant is nowhere near an ocean, its entire menu is right out of the water. The New Zealand Pink Sea Bream is known in the sushi world as “N.Z. tai,” and “tai” in Japanese means “good fortune,” so the fish is often served […]

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Kim Fuller | Delectables , Restaurants | July 6, 2017

A chef’s personal knife collection is like a woman’s closet or a skier’s quiver—every piece has a purpose. “I think you want all your knives to be heavy and sturdy, with a knife handle that fits your hand,” says Kelly Liken. “It is a lot of personal preference—like trying on a pair of shoes. You […]

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