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Brenda Himelfarb | Environment | July 12, 2019

Otters just wanna have fun! These wild little carnivores always seem to be clowning around, romping in and out of the water, sometimes crunching on their favorite meal — crayfish. They clamber up and down the banks of our rivers exploring, hunting and hiding to, seemingly, create mischief. Although native to Colorado, the otter population […]

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Author | Blog , Environment | July 1, 2018

There are a couple types of land trusts but most common to the public is when a private, not-for-profit organization actively works to conserve land by assisting in land conservation easement procurement. And we have our own, home-grown land trust right here in Eagle County, the Eagle Valley Land Trust (EVLT) that does just that. […]

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Cassie Pence | Environment | December 9, 2017

Eagle River, Eagle County … the valley is aptly named. Both golden and bald e agles are longtime locals – soaring high above our mountain community all year round, adding majesty and legend to the sky. Bald eagles were chosen as our national symbol in 1782 because of their stoicism, large size, imposing presence and […]

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CarsonPierce | Environment | January 5, 2017

On a cool, crisp evening in the heart of winter, you’re taking a moonlit walk through the neighborhoods just west of Lionshead Village when you hear a rustling from the pine trees ahead. You hardly think twice about it—could just be the wind—but another round of rustling makes your ears perk up and hair stand […]

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Brenda Himelfarb | Environment , Featured Stories , Features | June 26, 2016

It flits. It flutters. It fascinates us. And if one gets very close, it’s as though you’ve somehow been specially chosen to enjoy its dance. Then, in a blink of the eye it’s gone. And you’re left savoring the moment you’ve just experienced; a few seconds that will delight. It’s that extraordinary and, in its own way, feeds your soul. The flight of a hummingbird is mesmerizing. When they […]

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Brenda Himelfarb | Environment | December 18, 2015

For most of us who live in the high country the word “winter” conjures up visions of sitting around a warm fire, eating hot soup, or heading up a mountain on a perfect Colorado blue sky day dressed from head to toe in clothing that keeps us warm and toasty – no matter how frigid […]

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Katie Fiedler Anderson | Blog , Environment , Vail | January 9, 2015

I thought I would share a few wild photos that were captured in the past couple of days. Wild animals, that is. We spotted a herd of big horn sheep in East Vail yesterday and the moose was spotted today in Eagle-Vail. I owe a lot to my husband and to my friends for calling me […]

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Brenda Himelfarb | Environment , Featured Stories | August 21, 2014

Has anyone given thought to the impact bees have on our everyday needs? When bees have access to good nutrition, we have access to good nutrition. Bees are integral to our bountiful harvest of fruits and vegetables. As she begins her presentation for a TEDtalk, Maria Spivak, the University of Minnesota’s McKnight University Professor of […]

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