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Kimberly Nicoletti | Giving Back | July 12, 2019

The first time Rebecca Kanaly slept in a homeless shelter, she was 5 years old. Sirens and lights flooded her childhood home after her stepmother fell into a diabetic coma. EMTs revived her, but that night, Kanaly found safety in a local shelter. She remembers it feeling warm, loving and bright as volunteers handed her […]

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Brenda Himelfarb | Giving Back |

When Gerry Lopez signed up for a statweide substance prevention conference last May with Fellow students whore are involved with the Youth Leader Council program at Eagle River YOutuh Coalition (ERYC), he couldn’t have predicted the outcome. ERYC executive Director Michelle Stecher gave the students free rein to pick the sessions htey wanted to attend. […]

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Author | Giving Back | December 4, 2018

Emery Welles was just a baby when her parents noticed she was much more irritable than her older brother had been at that age, or other typical four month olds they’d been around. Emery’s mom, Aja, a labor and delivery nurse at Vail Health knew somethng wasn’t right with her sweet baby girl. Soon, the […]

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Author | Blog , Giving Back , Giving Back | June 28, 2018

Sometimes Andy Clark, the owner of Alliance Moving Systems, jokingly refers to his company as “a not-for-profit for profit.” Considering how he dedicates his time and resources to the community, one might almost take him seriously. Excepting that Alliance is a very successful full-service moving and storage company based in Eagle and Gypsum, with the […]

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Author | Blog , Giving Back , Giving Back |

Much planning went into the Park, which is situated on eleven acres of open space in East Vail. “We wanted to keep the site as natural as possible,” says Diana Donovan, a member of one of Vail’s founding families, who sits on the board of the Vail Memorial Park Foundation. Donovan, who came to Vail […]

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Heather Hower | Giving Back | December 7, 2017

Imagine the worst: you find out your child has been sexually abused or has witnessed physical abuse. Sadly, this isn’t such a rarity–it never has been–but now the community is talking about it, is aware of it and has a place where children can start to heal. River Bridge Regional Center helps with this heartbreaking […]

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Helena Leslie | Giving Back |

The mountains surrounding Vail are one of nature’s most beautiful playgrounds, but accidents happen, and you can get lost. If you find yourself in distress and you call 911; 911 will then contact Vail Mountain Rescue Group (VMRG) who, like superheroes, will save the day! Who are the brave men and women whose motto is […]

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Brenda Himelfarb | Featured Stories , Features , Giving Back | July 3, 2017

There is a place up Colorado River Road in Gypsum where children’s dreams, literally, come true. A happy place where children do things they never thought they would or even could do. It’s a place where they’re welcomed with open arms and where they can just “be.” It’s peaceful. It’s beautiful. It’s extraordinary. And for […]

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Shauna Farnell | Giving Back |

It’s easy to forget that fresh water is not a limitless resource. In fact, there isn’t much of it in the world. The precious supply we do have must be protected and preserved. That’s where Eagle River Watershed Council (ERWC) comes in. The group, comprised of three full-time staff members, a board, a team of […]

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Helena Leslie | Giving Back |

It is a fixture of late summer in Vail. The third and fourth weekends in August, over 3000 people converge on the original Battle Mountain HIgh School in Minturn’s Maloit Park, which the the Eagle Valley Rummage Sale occupies courtesy of the Eagle School District. Eager patrons start lining up at 5 a.m. to get […]

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