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Heather Hower | Healthy Living | July 12, 2019

Those bluebird days on the mountain, the languid afternoons on a raft, the hours spent on bikes or hiking peaks. It’s why we live (or visit) here. But all that time under the blaze of bright sun takes its toll on our skin: there’s more skin cancer here in the Rocky Mountains. Additionally, it takes […]

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Katie Coakley | Healthy Living |

There are events in life for which one can prepare: having a baby, paying taxes, deal- ing with aging parents. But a cancer diagnosis is not one of those things, especially when you have no family history and have spent much of your career advocating for health and wellness. And journalist, author and television host, […]

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Katie Coakley | Healthy Living | December 11, 2018

Our lives are fast-paced and hectic—there are so many goals to accomplish, so many experiences to savor and so many dreams towards which we strive. Though everyone lives different lives and has varying dreams and goals, it’s im-portant to stay healthy, not only to help us achieve our long-term ambitions, but also to help us […]

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Author | Healthy Living | December 11, 2017

There was a time, less than a year ago, when David Shankel wanted to die. He and his wife, Patsy, came to Castle Peak Senior Life and Rehabilitation Center in Eagle following individual stays in the hospital after they both had gotten very sick. While Patsy, sadly, passed away in March, Shankel is still very […]

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Brenda Himelfarb | Healthy Living | July 6, 2017

Over thirty years ago, Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr., a former surgeon, researcher and clinician at the Cleveland Clinic began a ground-breaking program in which he put men and women with advanced coronary disease on a plant-based, oil-free diet. His program was based on a revolutionary idea that we could do away with the heart-disease […]

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Heather Hower | Healthy Living |

When Brenda Hawkins starts getting ready to set out for a run, which she does several times a week no matter the weather, Bella positively dances with excitement. A run for Bella, the dog, is just as important as a run for Brenda. “She knows what clothes I run in and she follows me around […]

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Brenda Himelfarb | Dining , Dining and Nightlife , Featured Stories , Healthy Living | July 20, 2016

Back in the day, talk of someone being a vegetarian conjured up visions of an emaciated, pale looking person who probably lived in or was from California, of course, and didn’t know anything about eating properly. We were all happily eating our deep fried chicken, country-fried steaks and ball-park hot dogs. Winds up that those hippies were right on. […]

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Cassie Pence | Healthy Living | December 20, 2015

In last summer’s blockbuster hit Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation, Tom Cruise impressed moviegoers by doing his own stunts, most notably the one where he hung from the side of an Airbus while the aircraft took off over the UK. Remarkable, yes, but what really impressed me is how the 52-year-old actor has seemingly stopped […]

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Kari Corbin | Dining , Healthy Living , Special Vail Valley Recipes | December 19, 2015

While most people are tucked under the covers, listening only to the dream voices of their subconscious, Molly Harrison’s world is filled with the dull roar of ovens and a steady stream of NPR news, punctuated every 40 minutes by a timer. Ding! That 150 pounds of ciabatta dough better be ready for its first […]

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Douglas Mayeda, M.D. | Healthy Living | December 18, 2015

‘Back to the Future’ or H.G. Wells Classic of the Time machine to predict the future maybe in front of us after all. Altitude at 8,200-11,000 feet not only may present a Rocky Mountain high from the standpoint of hypoxia, but the euphoria from unparalleled beauty of the views and landscape that nature provides. The […]

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