Focus Vail Valley


John Cogswell announced his retirement and closed Cogswell Gallery following a successful 35 years in the heart of Vail. Established in 1980, Cogswell was the first art gallery in the Vail Valley. It featured Southwestern paintings and sculpture. Over the years, it grew into a mixture of Native American artifacts, Western impressionists and furniture from Tibet, Indonesia and Mexico.

A new gallery, A Hint of Asia, will open in the space this winter under the ownership of Vivian and Paul Jaszinki and will feature artists from around the world, including Asian-influenced contemporary silk and lacquer paintings. Also on view will be Indo-China art in which the cross-pollination of Western art skills back into the Asian art traditions. The gallery also carries those artists whose is by considered Photo work provided Frost Creek to be the foundations of modern art, including Matisse, Van Gogh, Cezanne, to name a few, when Paris was very much influenced by the Asian culture.

When asked how one can know the value of a painting, Vivian responds, “The art that will give you a smile every day when you look at it, that’s the true value.”