Focus Vail Valley


The Town of Eagle has begun the first phase of the Eagle River Park, a 4.3-acre park including two main components; the in-stream and construction of a new world-class whitewater park and the Upland Park parcel on the north side of the Colorado river. The Eagle River project wraps along the Eagle River near the Eagle County Fair and Rodeo Grounds and Chambers Park. Established in 2015, the River Park is part of the Eagle River Corridor Plan.
The Project will build upon the Town of Eagle’s already outstanding outdoor recreational opportunities by creating a whitewater park that will not only server the community but will provide a venue for whitewater compatitions, events and more. Construction includes four in-stream features of the whitewater park and pedestrial/maintenance path along the riverbank.

The whitewater park will feature waves, eddies, chutes, and drops that are fun to tube and float during low-water times, but will gain in size and power as the flows increase. At higher flows this otherwise tame section of the Eagle River will feature large waves that kayakers and SUPers can surf and play on. The features will be ideal for competitions and festivals as well as an afternoon surf after work, said the town.

The park includes four “drops:” Drop 1, low-sloped and bowled to create a wave hole into a wave at higher flows; Drop 2, for loops, cartwheels, lunar orbits and traditional freestyle moves; Drop3, intermediate and the width of the river that allows the power and speed of the river; Drop 4, beginner feature designed for the less initiated to surf and play.