Giving Back

Mountain Valley Horse Rescue

Few things are more Colorado, or more enchanting, than a herd of Mustangs galloping through the state’s rugged topography, or the images conjured by thoughts of early pioneers picking their way through Colorado’s mountainous terrain on horseback. Although some might say those are the days of yore, at Mountain Valley Horse Rescue in Eagle, that sense of magic still thrives and provides the spark that nurtures and rehabilitates countless horses towards a new beginning.

Community Involvement

Established in 2004, Mountain Valley Horse Rescue (MVHR) is Colorado’s only horse rescue program located outside the Front Range and Western Slope, which means that the center frequently answers calls to help abandoned and neglected horses throughout the mountains of Colorado. Community involvement is crucial to the group’s success with volunteers playing an active role in barn upkeep, along with donations for hay and grain pouring in from around the area. Similarly, along with taking in as many horses as space allows, MVHR often works with local farms to foster horses until they can find permanent homes.

Mountain Valley Horse Rescue also has a hand in keeping the community involved in Colorado’s ranching tradition. This past year the group had an influx of volunteers. As well, it introduced 1,000 children to its programs. At anytime, visitors at its ranch have the opportunity to learn the basics of horsemanship or find an outlet to expand upon an already established love for the animals. The horses find the interaction beneficial as well.