Starting Heart Saves Lives

At a February Starting Hearts event, Susan Ford Bales shared her story of having a cardiac arrest while on a treadmill. “I felt sort of sluggish, and my shoulder hurt when I awoke that day,” Bales told the crowd. “I thought I might feel better if I worked out.” But Bales collapsed at the gym and was shocked with a defibrillator that was on hand. That saved her life. Starting Hearts is dedicated to saving the lives of sudden cardiac arrest victims through free CPR and defib training and access programs. To date they’ve increased the number of defibrillators to over 400 in Eagle County and have taught leadership and life-saving skills to over 20,000 students.

1 Guest Speaker and SCA Survivor Susan Ford Bales and Steve Jones.
2 Josiah Middaugh, Diana Scherr and Ingrid Middaugh.
3 Mark Bricklin, Brenda and Alan Himelfarb, Starting Hearts Executive Director.
4 Founder of Starting Hearts, Lynn Blake with her husband Matt.
5 Beth Slifer, Susan Ford Bales and Rod Slifer.
6 Toby and Mort Mower.
7 Mare and Bob Jacqmin.