Getting Down and Dirty

Used to be that kids spent almost every waking moment outdoors. From the time they played hopscotch on the sidewalk to playing baseball or, perhaps, building a fort, kids were outside getting dirty, getting scraped up – but having good old messy fun and loving every minute of it. Ahh, those were the days.

These days, kids are spending a lot of their “play” time on the phone, a video game or a computer. Gone are the days when getting home from school meant having a snack, getting homework out of the way – then heading out the door for hours of adventure. Times have changed – but getting down and dirty is no longer a thing of the past. Enter the mud run, where kids and adults alike can slog through muck, get as grimy as they want and have gobs of fun in the process! So, once more, the Town of Gypsum will encourage folks to get sloppy in its annual mud run – Team Mudzulla Run – on Saturday, July 8, with obstacles galore to challenge participants. This year’s run, however, will not be a traditional distance course. Instead there will be five laps – each one-mile long. Racers are encouraged to finish as many laps as possible within the hour, but can stop at any point.

Of course, there will be a slew of obstacles – 12 per lap – that will take people out of their comfort zone and push their limits. But, then again, that’s what the fun’s all about. Right? So far the list includes mud pits and tunnels, cargo net climb, rope wall climb, steep hill climbs with mud pit landings, bucket carry swinging rings, low crawl mud crawl, wall climbs tire drags and monkey bars. As well, the KEEN Family Mud Run, slated for Saturday, August 12, during the Kids Adventure Game, will also see who can get the muddiest and dirtiest. We’re told that, at the finish line, there will be some “cool ways to wash off.” Of course, after a run through some heavy, wet mud, a cool way to wash off will be a welcomed surprise!

And the best tip when participating in a mud run? Secure your shoes with duct tape! Remember, this is not a walk in the park…it’s a sludgy, squishy, grubby, grungy mud run!