Let’s just put it this way: A Timbersled is a conversion kit that turns a dirtbike into a lean, clean, snow-loving machine. It allows anyone with a passion for exploring the great outdoors to power  hrough powder to parts unknown. It’s not meant to replace a snowmobile, especially if you want to cover long distances but Timbersled’s admirers find it “outrageously fun, like icing on a cake.” The basic kit includes the two major components that convert bike to sled: a fat ski that takes the place of the front wheel and tread piece, containing an internal chain drive and giant suspension components that replace the rear wheel. And with many options available, one can go bare bones or as fancy as you like. Riders say that the Timbersled seems to come alive in untouched powder, when the giant rear track bites into the snow and provides outrageous acceleration. The bottom line is that the Timbersled is an incredibly fun ride. It’s an easy, comfortable way to explore—once you get the hang of it. Essentially, it’s a single machine that one can enjoy all year long! As Roadshow writer Tim Stevens described his Timbersled ride, “It’s a feeling not unlike what I imagine snowboarding on a rocket sled would be like.”