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The state of the world today, not unlike the past (more apparent). is that if one wants to create an environment of success it is up to YOU! The easily recognized terminology of just Do It’, speaks for itself. Since the school system eliminated physical education in the cirriculum, there has been an increasing BMI i nthe U.S. Whether there is a correleation is not known. THe wide world of sports has been instrumental in world geopolitical communication throughout history in a very positive way. It allows us all to share a common interest, and the language barrier can be broken through sportsmanship in the battle.

There are so many atheletes who persevered and set the bar higher fro everyone. There are countlyess inspiring srories through out history and in athletics. Until recend days, this was one ofthe few arenas in life and news in which one could appreciate these accomplishments without hte negative presentation of the media per se. This information should now be filtered along with the rest of the world news to stay on the positive path of life.

Incubated and supported by Nike, Galen Rupp was a recent in track town USA during his college career at the University of Oregon. He was coached by Alberto Salazar and fueled by his training regimens and dreams starting in childhood. He became the only American in 48 years to medal in an event involving a 10,000-meter dash. He will create further success in the future for others who choose to follow in his footsteps. He has demonstrated that winning a race by a quarter of a second is accomplished by a strenous trainign regimen practiced over many, many years. His story demonstrates how hard work and dedication can make dreams come true. Buit it takes drive and disclipine practiced on a daily basis, each day laying down bricks to bbuild our house. This can be translated into life, as parents role models for our children.

This is occuring and is exemplified by a phenomenon in the healthcare field. Much like atheletes, those who choose to raise the bar in medicine drastically improve and transform the lives of many others. Think as simply as the average life-expectancy increasing in the U.Ss by 30 years in the 20th century. During this time, the human body has not genetically changed from birth. Healthcare professionals have worked wirelessly through trial and error, until they succeed in accomplishing something that can better healthcare for everyone. So much of this mentality can be learned from sports participation, as the results and feedback can be experienced by children and young adults in a direct way. The will of an individual to prepare to win and lessons gained from losses (and the way one experiences defeat) and their response will assist them greatly in life in the future. Our losses used correctly can only make us stronger and more motivitated to work harder.

Having my children heavily involved in athletics is a decision, as a father, I will never regeret. Not only have athletics kept my children fit, but they have also taught them disclipine and a driver for success. I have wathced these values carried over into their daily lives.

During the course of life, we can look at everything from an athletic mindset. It may simply be through the competition we find within ourselves in accomplishing daily activities. We incorporate the athletic mindset of fitness into our children’s daily lives, so that conquer­ing everyday tasks can become less strenuous.

My recommendation is involving your children in athletics so they can realize the human body, mind and spirit utilized to their fullest extent. One must stay active and nourished properly to excel on a daily basis. The laws of physics have stood the test of time. Striving for accomplishment to a great extent will allow children and young adults to learn many great lessons. Life is not a spectator sport, each of us is involved in our own Olympic venue on a daily basis, even if it is to improve just the level of activity of daily living. Whether we know it or not, we are athletes. It is probably controversial teaching our children that working hard towards goals can help them succeed.

These fundamentals come standard with athletics. These are the very lessons that can fuel our children for the rest of their lives.