ACTIVITIES DINING Dining and Nightlife

Sleigh and Play

If you want to enjoy a truly unique Colorado experience why not hitch a ride on a sleigh or snowcat? Why not get cozy under a couple of blankets and let the star filled night sky light your way to a delicious meal? It’s a wonderful way to enjoy the kind of tranquil evening that you can only find in the mountains. The snow glistens. Stars so bright, it’s breathtaking. And if you listen closely you might even hear the distant cry of a coyote. If you sleigh ride during the day, keep your eyes open for wildlife. You never know what’s just around the bend.


Eagle Ranch

About 20 miles west of Vail, 4 Eagle Ranch, in Wolcott, is the best choice for those looking for an authentic Western experience. Centered around the historic Nelson Cabin (ca.1890), and far from any city lights, the stargazing from the ranch’s horse-drawn sleigh, is incredible. And, while dining on a Colorado-style buffet dinner or roasting marshmallows around the open-hearth fire, you will be serenaded by the resident entertainer.

Bearcat Cabin

Nestled in the Squaw Creek Valley in Cordillera, 15 minutes west of Beaver Creek, Bearcat Cabin is the original cabin the Bearden family homesteaded during the early 20th century. The Cordillera Preservation Foundation and Bearcat Stables lovingly restored the Cabin and is now one of the areas most historic restaurants.

Allie’s Cabin

Situated in a quiet aspen grove on Beaver Creek Mountain, Allie’s Cabin offers featured wine dinners with a celebrated group of wineries on select Thursday evenings. Guests will arrive via open-air sleigh and enjoy multiple courses and wine pairings while enjoying views of the fireworks lighting up the evening sky for Thursday Night Lights. New this winter are Allie’s Cabin Family Dinners, when guests can savor gourmet fare that caters exclusively to children and families. The menu is a three course buffet dinner–complete with kids’ favorites.

Beano’s Cabin

The only way to get to Beano’s Cabin for its award-winning cuisine it to take a different kind of “animal”–a Beaver Creek snowcat. You will be wowed by the elegant ambiance and multi- course dinner served at the cabin which is high atop Beaver Creek Mountain. Dinner is a leisurely two to three-hour affair, so relax and enjoy. It will be a one-of-a-kind, exceptionally delicious gastronomical experience!

Mountain Mushers

On a private ranch in Wolcott, Mountain Mushers will take you through glades of aspen and pine trees—and if you watch closely, you might even catch a glimpse of wildlife—including fox, coyote, deer and elk. A musher stands behind you and controls a team of huskies who lead the way up and down the trail. Halfway through your adventure, you’ll have a photo op and have some homemade pumpkin bread and hot cocoa. With only two guests per sled, there may be as many as 60 dogs, if six sleds are running.

Talk about photo-ops!

For any of these exciting activities, you want to keep warm even though you might be cuddled up in a blanket or two. Good boots, hat gloves or mittens and coats are a must.