Karats Engagement Ring

Shop Local in the Vail Valley Part 1

We at Vail Valley Magazine believe in thinking, shopping and buying local. This blog series will focus on our personal shopping experiences and highlight local businesses in the Vail Valley.


My shopping experience takes me on a journey into the next chapter of my life, marriage. There are several ingredients that are needed to begin the journey into marriage:
1. A loving companion that you want to share the rest of your life with
2. An engagement ring worthy of that special person
3-100. The rest is personal preference that I will not get into at this moment

Well, safe to say, I most definitely found the most important factor, a loving soon-to-be wife and partner in fun. Now it was time to find a ring that was worthy to rest on her finger for all of eternity.

My search for the perfect engagement ring began. There are many options and yes, online ring shopping could be a worthy alternative — but not very personalized.

I spoke with many friends that had ventured down this road greatly traveled and everyone had an opinion. “Just go to the local big box store,” “You can find a great ring online”. These are actually a small percentage of answers to my predicament. But I was looking for a more personalized solution.

I knew there were many great places to look for rings in the Vail Valley such as Michele’s, The Squash Blossom, Currents, J. Cotter Gallery and Lionshead Jewelers.

My bride-to-be had specific and beautiful taste and I needed someone who could turn the image in her head into a reality. I had heard from a good friend that Dan Taleen at Karats in Vail did a great job for he and his wife. I know Dan and love his work. I gave him my budget and what we were looking for in an engagement ring and he went to work.


He was precise, meticulous and timely in his design and work. Most importantly, my bride loved the final product. It has been only about 6 months since we were married and I still see her peering down at her beautiful ring and watching it sparkle in the light.

Dan was great to work with. We are so happy to have found a local jeweler to work with on our custom, hand-made engagement ring.