Scarab Bus

Worldly Shopping Experience in the Vail Valley

Are you eager for a unique shopping experience? Your vacation to the Vail Valley may turn out to be a worldly shopping experience. Around the world shopping experiences transcend into your Vail Valley Vacation.

People from all over the world come to the Vail Valley to ski, relax, dine and shop. Vail, Beaver Creek and the surrounding towns offer unique shopping experiences from around the world.

There is something to be said for a tactile shopping experience. The Scarab in Minturn is one business that is creating that experience for the locals and Vail Valley visitors alike.


The fine staff at the Scarab believes that kindred spirits will always be drawn together. In the Vail Valley this is certainly true… Adventure seekers, pioneers and travelers alike all come here from around the world to enjoy the beauty and lifestyle.

Many of the local shops in the Vail Valley reflect this world view, including the Scarab.



The Scarab is a place where all can meet and support a continued quest to wander and discover.

The Scarab has been gathering treasures from around the world since 1992. They are driven by the passion to find one of a kind, authentic pieces that invoke a feeling of connectedness and beauty.


Whether the Scarab’s finds are a hand-carved bowl form Afghanistan, a Thai fabric bag, a carved heart from Haitian artisans, or a silver bracelet handcrafted in Texas, they all tell a similar tale of being created out of someone’s imagination.


The Scarab has a desire to connect the treasure hunter with special pieces that draw us in and enchant us. 

After several nudges and requests, the Scarab has taken a big step and launched an online store,

With the creation of an online store, the Scarab staff is now inspired with many ideas and dreams they look forward to sharing. They are committed to grow their collection of unusual, authentic, handmade treasures and grow their community-or as they affectionately call it their “tribe”.



The Scarab
Inspired. Created. Handmade.