Red White Blue – Vail Valley Fashion

Bling’s the thing when celebrating at this years 2015 FIS Alpine World Ski Championships!! And nothing says it better than flashes and dashes of From sedate, understated white diamond rings to bracelets or necklaces, these jewels announce your arrival with a show of patriotism.


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White Topaz Earrings by Sutra available at The Squash Blossom; Jackson Pollock Diamond and White Gold Necklace by Jim Cotter available at J. Cotter Gallery; Vintage Diamond Ring available at Michele’s; Vintage Dome Diamond Ring available at Michele’s; Diamond, Ruby and Sapphire Interlocking Bands by Bizzotto available at Lamina; Vintage Diamond Bracelet with 700 stones available at Michele’s; Sheared Mink and Canadian Lynx Jacket available at Fantasia Furs.

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Ruby and 18K Matte Gold Ring by Beija-Flor available at Karats; Jackson Pollack Garnet and Diamond Ring by Jim Cotter available at J. Cotter Gallery; Blossom Ruby and 22K Gold Ring by Dan Telleen available at Karats; Ruby Earrings by Gurhan available at The Squash Blossom; Ruby and Diamond Pendant by Gurhan available at The Squash Blossom; Red Garnet Necklace by Ruth Taubman available at J. Cotter Gallery; Eva Varro Barcelona Jacket available at Pepi Sports.


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Vintage Lapis and Diamond Ring available at Michele’s; Aquamarine and Diamond and 18K Rose Gold Leather Wrap Bracelet by Federica Rettore available at The Squash Blossom; Lucite Bangles by Alexis Bittar available at Cogswell Gallery; Boulder Opal and 22K Gold “Fishnet” Necklace by Carolyn Tyler available at Karats; Raw cut Lapis and 14K Gold Ring by Jim Cotter available at J. Cotter Gallery; Jacket available at Nina Mclemore.


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Checkerboard Diamond and Sapphire Earrings available at Michele’s; Sapphire Pave Ball Necklace available at Michele’s; Tanzanite and Diamond Ring available at Lamina; Vintage Sapphire and Diamond Ring available at Michele’s; Rectangle Tanzanite and 14K Gold Ring by Jim Cotter available at J. Cotter Gallery; Tanzanite and Diamond Ring available at Lamina; Fur Jacket available at Denimaxx.