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Block Out The Sun

Those bluebird days on the mountain, the languid afternoons on a raft, the hours spent on bikes or hiking peaks. It’s why we live (or visit) here. But all that time under the blaze of bright sun takes its toll on our skin: there’s more skin cancer here in the […]


The Advocate

There are events in life for which one can prepare: having a baby, paying taxes, deal- ing with aging parents. But a cancer diagnosis is not one of those things, especially when you have no family history and have spent much of your career advocating for health and wellness. And […]

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Love on the mountain

We’ve always relied on horses. Now it’s their turn to count on us. And that’s what Mountain Valley Horse Rescue (MVHR) is all about. It’s a place that lets kids and adults love on horses, helping bring them back to life. And it seems, once someone sets foot onto this […]


Lindsay Vonn

There’s never a dull moment in Lindsey Vonn’s life. Her home is always buzzing with activity. On this day, she’s rushing in from dropping off a friend at the Eagle Airport and now she must prepare for a photoshoot and interview. Her dogs Lucy, Leo and Bear are running through […]


Wildflowers: A WALK IN Wildflower

Summer is fleeting in the High Country. No sooner does the snow melt than it seems as if we’re expecting the first snow of the season. However, between the cooler seasons, spring and summer provide enough life and color to help mitigate their fleeting nature. One of the best ways […]

Focus Vail Valley


A 19-month construction project, scheduled for completion in November 2019, at a cost of $33 million, is almost done and will add a second floor to the commercial terminal with expanded retail and dining space, more aircraft gates and new jetways. A Federal Aviation Administration grant is financing the majority […]

Giving Back

The Power Of Nonprofits

The first time Rebecca Kanaly slept in a homeless shelter, she was 5 years old. Sirens and lights flooded her childhood home after her stepmother fell into a diabetic coma. EMTs revived her, but that night, Kanaly found safety in a local shelter. She remembers it feeling warm, loving and […]

Giving Back

The Faces Of Movement

When Gerry Lopez signed up for a statweide substance prevention conference last May with Fellow students whore are involved with the Youth Leader Council program at Eagle River YOutuh Coalition (ERYC), he couldn’t have predicted the outcome. ERYC executive Director Michelle Stecher gave the students free rein to pick the […]