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The man whose name adorns a dozen or so natural landmarks had a large appetite or excess and the money to fuel it . The rugged mountain range that can be seen from almost anywhere in Vail and beyond has drawn people to this valley for generations. The only word that really describes it is “majestic.” From certain angles, under certain light, it could be the backdrop of a movie. It’s called the Gore Range and how it got its name has always been a mystery.  We have the Gore Range, Gore Creek, Gore Lake, Gore Mountain, Gore Wilderness, Gore Pass, Gore Canyon, Gore Trail — all named after an Irish nobleman who came to the American West in the mid-1800s to hunt game. However, Sir St. George Gore never reached any of the places.  Sporting the title of “Eighth Baronet of Manor Gore” in Ireland, George Gore enjoyed a […]



THE BEST RUNS FOR YOUR MIXED GROUP Navigating ski resorts like Vail and Beaver Creek can be a bit tricky when you’re with a group. Honestly, navigating just about everything (including dinner) can be tricky with a group but finding options to suit a range of skiers and riders on the slopes doesn’t have to be a deal-breaker. Nor does it mean waving goodbye to each other only to reconnoiter for lunch or apr.s. Whether you’re enjoying a day at Vail or Beaver Creek, here are some great runs for mixed-level groups to enjoy together.   VAIL   Now that you’ve navigated Beaver Creek, you’re up for the Vail challenge. With 195 runs and 5,289 skiable acres, there are plenty of areas to choose from. When skiing with a group of varying abilities, Chair 7 should be your first destination.   Chair 7 (technically the Game Creek Express Lift) accesses a playground for almost […]

Culture in the Vail Valley


The Vilar Performing Arts Center’s winter dance sries is all about connection: with the art form as well as with one another By Caramie Petrowsky Dance is a living, breathing art form: nurture it, love it, support it and it will grow. As such, the future of dance depends on people — especially the younger generation — experiencing it and subsequently falling in love.  Over the years, the Vail Valley Foundation has kept this courtship alive by spotlighting dancers of all types year round, hosting the renowned Vail Dance Festival every summer and a winter dance series at the Vilar Performing Arts Center (VPAC).   “There are so many things competing for young people’s attention these days,” says Sarah Johnson, the senior vice president of the arts and education at the Vail Valley Foundation. “However, few of them are as rewarding over the long term, few of them are as enriching […]



Photography by Brent Bingham Local pastry chefs produce the sweet creations that feed their cravings. From airy macarons in ethereal colors to dark, sexy chocolate with a comehither wink, sugar has its own revered place at the table. “When you go out to dinner, you remember what you ate first, and you remember what you ate last,” says Brian Ackerman, chef-owner of Splendido at the Chateau. “Having a good pastry chef is really important.” Whether they’re building architectural structures of butter and sugar or churning sweet cream into silky gelato, pastry chefs are playful no matter how seriously they take their sweets. And though baking demands scientific precision and attention to detail, it’s an art form that encourages flights of fancy. Here, some of our best local pastry chefs reveal the cakes and tarts that inhabit their souls — the stuff of dreams. Maxine Caprioni – Hovey & Harrison Instagram: […]



Head out and discover the magical world of snowshoeing by moonlight By Katie Coakley Photograph by Brent Bingham It was blissfully quiet as I gathered up my pack, strapped on my snowshoes and made my way to the trailhead. A group of five women were waiting; with minimal conversation we turned on our headlamps and tromped onto the trail. It wasn’t long before our headlamps were switched off: The full moon cast enough light to suffuse our surroundings with a blueish glow. Though the snow gathered in pillow-like humps in some areas, there was a faint crunching that set a cadence as we walked.  There was little conversation until we stopped for a break, to regroup and sip hot beverages from our packs. The silence wasn’t imposed; it was simply a response to the almost ethereal nature of our surroundings. But laughter floated over the snow as various threads of […]



THE LAST WEEK OF THE SKI SEASON IS FULL OF MUSIC, COSTUMES, REVELRY — AND POND SKIMMING In those halcyon days of spring, there’s a unique feeling emanating from folks on the mountain. It’s a mix of joy and wistfulness, a desire to soak every last sensation out of the season while reveling in the memories of unforgettable skiing. It’s celebration and commemoration, all wrapped into a few fervent days.  The Vail Valley knows how to say farewell to the lift-served season in style. Accentuating the joy of sun-filled days and spring snow, the week (plus) of live music, contests and activities of Spring Back to Vail celebrates the end of the season. Add to that the costumed chicanery of closing day and inimitable exuberance of “one last run,” there’s no better place to say sayonara to ski season.  THERE’S NO BETTER TO TIME TO SPRING BACK…TO VAIL  After the […]


Game Creek Chalet Room with a View

By Kim Fuller Photography by Brent Bingham More than three decades after Vail Mountain opened for skiing, Vail Ski Resort founder Pete Siebert envisioned bringing more European hospitality to the mountain. So in 1996 the Game Creek Chalet was built — an alpine cabin that sits on the side of Game Creek Bowl at 10,300 feet. Nestled in the trees and overlooking snowcapped peaks and sundrenched landscape, it is a little piece of paradise. As luxurious as it is cozy, it is one of the most unique and elite respites offered in Colorado. The chalet is ideal for anybody who is looking to soak in the mountains away from the bustle of the ski village. Because it’s truly ski-in/ski-out, private snowcats whisk you and your luggage up to the cabin to enjoy your dream-come-true vacation. And then you’re on your own — and ready to ski right out the door […]


Once Upon a Home

It’s a home with a story that began less than three decades ago but has now entwined its way around multiple generations and continues to unfold through present and soon-tobe new owners. The tale begins in the Tyrolean and Swiss Alps and then winds its way to Vail, in a storybook European home in an idyllic mountain setting at the foot of Vail Mountain. Here the tale turns enchanting indeed as captivating paintings lead through room after excellently-crafted room, each depicting a new chapter in the original owners’ lives, while enlivening rooms already resplendent with rich color, Old World charm, grace and beauty. Like the storyboards that helped define them, the home is now ready to weave new tales of life. The home was originally built in 1991 by a couple with Swiss heritage, who loved all things European — particularly the charm of alpine chalets, the beauty of Renaissance […]


Fun On Wheels

Like most of her fellow mountain bike enthusiasts who live in Eagle, Laura Turitz’s trailhead is her garage. “There are so many things about Eagle that are ideal for mountain biking, including accessibility, variety of terrain, and really fun trails,” shares Turitz, co-writer of Mountain Bike Eagle, a printed and online guide to riding in the area. This community on the western side of the Vail Valley is all about cranking on dirt, and now with Gypsum’s new Dry Lake Motocross Park open for its first full season, motorized bike riders can get rolling on down valley trails as well. When the seasonal wildlife closure ends in April, Eagle trails are often in prime riding condition long before summer hits. “So we have a nice long season, which is great,” says Turitz. “We also have a variety of terrain, so especially with Haymaker which is a trail that was purpose-built […]