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Fresh Approach

School district takes on student nutrition. REMEMBER THE TATER TOT? How about the canned gravy, shriveled chicken and creamed corn dumped onto trays in school lunchrooms? Parents at Eagle County schools hope to say good-bye to similar processed foods with a new program called “Fresh Approach” that aims to bring healthier, fresh-cooked meals to school cafeterias. Think: Mac-n-cheese made from scratch with fresh squash hidden inside or spaghetti and meat sauce made with local, organic meat and fresh zucchini. But there’s no such thing as a free lunch. The district’s Fresh Approach group must raise $200,000 to buy fresh produce, whole grains and better meats and to hire and train staff at 14 schools to prepare that food. This comes at a time when the district faces another round of budget cuts. Foodies are stepping in to help. This summer and fall, some of the Vail Valley’s best restaurants will […]

Culture in the Vail Valley

VV Arts & Culture and local economy

Vail Valley Arts & Culture scene fuels local economy The allure of the beautiful Vail Valley in winter is undeniable. With 2.5 million skier days and only about 50,000 residents, it’s clear that the beautiful Colorado winters bring plenty of people to the Valley, and with them, their tourist dollars. Tourism is the largest sector of the valley’s economy, with 79 percent of jobs either directly related to the tourist industry or indirectly servicing both residents and tourists. Income from tourism stimulates not only hotels and restaurants, but also meeting facilities, attractions, tour companies and the local arts and cultural communities. Vail organizations and residents have created a huge array of cultural opportunities that will keep them pouring in on I-70 until the snow flies again. The most significant contributor to the cultural scene is the Vail Valley Foundation (VVF), which sponsors everything from the Teva Mountain Games in June […]