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Color Takes Flight

Several years ago, the makers of M&M’s added the color blue to its bag of candy – the result of a vote by M&M’s fans. However, the company soon found that the blue M&M’s were usually the last ones left in the bottom of the bag. It seems, of all the colors in the spectrum, blue is an appetite suppressant. Aside from blueberries and a few blue-purple potatoes that grow in remote areas of the world, blue just doesn’t exist as a natural food color in any significant quantity, and we humans don’t have an automatic appetite response to blue. In fact, researchers say that when our million-year-old ancestors searched for food, they avoided blue, purple or black, which were usually toxic or spoiled. Color affects us everyday, everywhere. It’s in our lifestyle and culture. Each time you step out in the world, you are saying something about yourself, simply […]