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Eat Your Veggies

Back in the day, talk of someone being a vegetarian conjured up visions of an emaciated, pale looking person who probably lived in or was from California, of course, and didn’t know anything about eating properly. We were all happily eating our deep fried chicken, country-fried steaks and ball-park hot dogs. Winds up that those hippies were right on. Researchers have finally gotten us to understand that veggies are filled with fiber, vitamins and antioxidants that keep us healthier in every way. And, who can say “no” to that? In fact, trend watchers say that vegetables are emerging as “center of plate,” with celebrated chefs focusing on “veg-centric” cuisine. And this is no passing fancy. Food service operations of all kinds are creating veg-centric selections to accommodate their customers. Fine restaurants are featuring vegetable entrees that are diverse, creative and flavor-filled. According to Gordon Food Service, the nation’s largest foodservice distributor, chefs are calling the veg-centric cuisine “root-to-stem” cooking – “an […]