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this STING is really going to hurt

Has anyone given thought to the impact bees have on our everyday needs? When bees have access to good nutrition, we have access to good nutrition. Bees are integral to our bountiful harvest of fruits and vegetables. As she begins her presentation for a TEDtalk, Maria Spivak, the University of Minnesota’s McKnight University Professor of Apiculture/Social Insects, introduces two slides.  The first is a photo of a food market’s produce department, filled to the brim with an array of mouthwatering, colorful fruits and vegetables; the second shows the same produce section but, this time, with empty bins and only a smidgen of color. “This is our life with bees,” Spivak begins, as the first slide comes into focus. “And this is our life without bees,” she continues, as she points to the second photo. “Bees are the most important pollinators of our fruits and vegetables and flowers and crops, like […]