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Flying Skiers pulled by FAST horses

Sunday was a beautiful day in the Vail Valley. Blue skies, a slight breeze and enough sun to tan my pale face. What better way to enjoy it than to visit Minturn, Colorado. In the winter, I would typically do so by means of the Minturn Mile. But this day I was intrigued to attend a new event, Skijoring. Now Wikipedia defines Skijoring as: Skijoring (pronounced /ˈskiːʃɜrɪŋ/) is a winter sport where a person on skis is pulled by a horse, a dog (or dogs) or a motor vehicle. It is derived from the Norwegian word skikjøring meaning ski driving. In this case it was a grown adult pulled by a Kentucky Derby bred race horse. Ok, the horse may not have been bred to race in the Derby but I think you know where I am going with this. They were FAST!!! Well to be correct, some were fast and others not as fast, but fast none the […]